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my appointment

Thanks to everyone who has left notes of encouragement. I saw my doctor today. My appt. was at 3 but I didn't get out of there until six. My doctor couldn't feel the cyst on exam, but I did find out that it's a complex cyst. She assured me that it is very possible, even likely that it would have shrunk between the time it measured 5.7 cm on the cat scan and then 2 cm on the ultrasound. On Thursday, I am having another ultrasound just to be certain of the size now. She will talk to me more then. Right afterwards I have to go straight to the hospital for lithotripsy since I have six kidney stones also. It sounds like she is willing to remove the left ovary if I'm not comfortable with the situation, but at this point she's not anxious to do so. I'm not certain what to think, but I feel more at ease after talking to her. She's so wonderful. I appreciate everyone's thoughts!  
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Hi Steff.  I am so glad that you like your doctor.  It is so important to trust your doctor.  It sounds like you are on the right path.  Hopefully it will be even smaller on Thursday's tvus.  Please let us know what you find out.  Hope you are albe to get some sleep now.  

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Hi  Steff,
so pleased you sound brighter after your appointment , its great that you like your doctor its so important  to be able to talk freely and ask any questions you have .

Keep us posted , take care  Angie

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Sounds good. Glad to hear things went well. Your doc sounds like she really listens. Im glad for you. Now try not to worry and have a great day. Good luck with the kidney stones. Those really can wreak havoc on your sytem too. I hope you are not having any pain now...
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It sounds like you had a very good visit with your doctor and I think you will get more answers on Thursday with the ultrasound.  Hope also that you are getting rid of the kidney stones too!  Let us know after your visit Thursday.  Hugs, Colleen
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One thing I'm still uncertain about is whether or a cancerous cyst can shrink? Isn't the only way to really tell whether or not it's dangerous to get in there and look? Can they ever take the cyst without taking the ovary?  She only talked about the option of taking the ovary.
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I never heard of a cancerous cyst shrinking , I  believe they get bigger . It is definately possible to remove a cyst and leave the ovary in some cases , sometimes a cyst damages the ovary  and it has to be removed but many women have just had a cystectomy .

Best wishes  Angie
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If it's shrinking, chances are it's NOT malignant. and yes, as Silver andGold said, they can remove the cyst in some cases and leave the ovary. .

You''ll know more on Thursday right? You know, it's not always possible to be absolutely certain what kind of cyst you have till they get in there. They thought mine was solid (almost like a fibroma) and it turned out to be a simple cyst. Mine was so small, it was hard to be sure from the US. But since I'm postmenopausal they didn't want to mess around. They did, however, even in my case ,  suggest I wait and monitor it. I just didn't want to do that. But  they may suggest the same for you .

In any case, let us know and I know you'll feel better tomorrow when you have more answers...

Did you check the "Health Pages" at the top right on this page? It has lots of info.

Good luck tomorrow,
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