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need opinions

I am having a laparotomy on June 3 to remove a large multiloculated cyst. they asked if I wanted a hyst. if everything looked good. (benign.....which it will be!!) I told them I only wanted to the cyst remove (if possible) and if they had to take the ovary if it was bad, that was fine, but leave the other. but I'm now wondering if I should remove my uterus, so I won't have anymore periods. I never had any health problems at all. the only thing I've suffered with for years is bad menstrual cramps. probably since I was a teenager. normally the first day or so I spend sitting with a heating pad and taking ibuprofen. I've never been on the pill and didn't want to take it, although most people said that would have helped.
my question is should I just go ahead and remove my uterus. I do not want a complete hyst. because I'm only 41, and I do not want to take hormones. even if I do end up having to a have a full hyst. I will not take the hormones unless I REALLY feel I need to. it will take alot for that to happen.
I really would like to get people's opinion on their experiences and get some good advice. I called my gyn. (who will not be doing the surgery, because I'm having it at UMC) and asked his opinion, but he was out today, and will return my call monday, the day before surgery.
I would like to get the pros and cons for each of the options.
I value everyone's opinion. and would appreciated any information I get.
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I am having my laparotomy June 6 and am opting for a total hyesterectomy if it is possible.  I have had a lot of previous intestinal surgeries and it is risky for them to operate because this operatioon could affect my bowel function.  I have a 16 cm cyst on my right ovary and a 7 cm uterine fibroid.  Because there is a good change for more cysts and fibroids in the future I am opting to take it all to avoid another major abdominal surgery.  Because you have been otherwise healthy and since you feel so strongly on the hormone side I would suggest that if the other ovary is OK to leave it in place and to improve your quality of life by removing your uterus.

Good luck and hope all goes well for you.
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Hi Wendy, and welcome to the forum.  In my opinion, I would just have it all removed.  I had a hysterectomy when I was 25 (left my ovaries).  Since then I have had both ovaries removed (I'm 33 now).  I have a condition called Ovarian Remnant Syndrome (ORS) so I am probably not teh one to ask about hormones and such.  I go in and out of menopause depending on how well the remnant is functioning.  I have had hot flashes (they are horrible) but not many other symptoms.  Mary53 is our hormone expert.  She will hopefully be along soon and be able to offer you some advice.  She is wonderful and very knowledgable about bio-identical hormones.  Good luck.  I will say a prayer for you.  Please let us know how surgery turns out.

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hi!  i am 47 and in march had a laparoscopic procedure to take out my left fallopian tube and ovary.  all was benign and fine but now i really wish i would have had a partial hyst.  i am getting my periods every 21 days and who needs it?  to think they could have taken uterus and left one ovary, i guess since all was normal she didn't really discuss that option with me but i would definitly have uterus removed.  best of luck with your surgery...i too had a septated cyst which ended up to be a fluid filed fallopian tube and a hemoragic cyst on ovary as well.  you'll be fine!
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I had a hysterectomy when I was 32, kept my ovaries.  I have not missed having the darn thing one time.  Although now that I have a new husband I kind of wish I had had other options so that I could of had a child with the new husband.  But if you are done having kids, then hysterectomy is the way to go. I too am having a cyst and probably a left ovary removed June 23rd.  Hopefully the right ovary will be fine and will be left alone b/c I too do not want to go on hormones.

Best of luck and will be watching to see your recovery.
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