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ovarian cyst and weight loss

I am 30 and discovered a 10 cm  on my left ovary two weeks ago. I have gained about 15 pounds in the last year. I have been dieting like crazy for a month and at best I an losing only 1 pound per week. I'm having surgery to remove my ovary and the cyst and wondering if that will allow me to start losing weight? Has anyone lost weight after their surgery? How much?
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You should be able to lose the weight easier. I was in the same boat! I was running up to 8 miles a day and and eating low carbs and low calories/high protein. Could barely lose 1 lb a week. Then I would gain it back!

I have always been fit. I went to my annual checkup and they recommended a bunch of tests b/c I had to go pee a lot and my stomach was swollen. Turns out I had a HUGE dermoid on one ovary and then during the surgery they found another pranged sized one on my other ovary.

I had the surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago and now I have lost 11 lbs! I gained a little and was swollen, but now its coming off. I think those cysts really cause quite a bit of weight gain. Only you know your body!  You know how much you can eat & exercise to maintain your goal weight!

I knew "somethins not right here"!! I am finally doing better despite the occasionally swollen stomach at night! I read that it goes away after a couple more weeks (hoping)!!

Good luck. I hope your surgery went well.
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I suppose it could if the cyst has caused your ovary to be out of whack in its estrogen production.  I can't tell you how many friends gained weight on "the pill" and I'm sure it was hormonal. Hormones can affect your metabolism so hopefully yours will improve afterwards, but even a pound a week to lose is not bad at all!  Keep with it and good luck!
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It probably won't change anything.  The best way to lose weight is to eat normal, healthy, well-balanced meals but exercise portion control and exercise.  You can add more protein to help build muscle, which will increase the rate at which fat burns.  However, you don't want to lose much more than a couple pounds a week on average.  Those shows like "Biggest Loser" only happen the way they do because the people are heavier when they start and begin exercising a lot.

How many times a week are you exercising?  Are you doing just cardio or just weights?  The best is to alternate between cardio and weight-related exercises (one type every other day) so your body can reap the benefits.

I had a dermoid cyst removed (10x10 cm) and I lost weight, but I had already been losing weight.  I was about 10-15 pounds into my weight loss when I had the cyst removed.  I lost 20 pounds total, but that's including the weight loss prior to the surgery.

Weight loss is a process.  It doesn't happen quickly, so it's important to keep your eyes on that end goal.

Best of luck in the weight loss goals and I hope the surgery goes well!  Be sure to take your medications and the stool softener to ensure quicker healing with fewer complication.
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