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ovarian cyst

I just received these results: Right ovary: The right ovary measures 1.6 x 1.0 x 0.7 cm. Normal appearance.
Left ovary: The left ovary measures 4.1 x 2.5 x 4.2 cm. 2.2 cm x 1.4 cm complex cyst, likely hemorrhagic. Additional 1.5 cm complex cyst.

Adnexa: No adnexal mass is seen.
Free fluid: Small amount of nonspecific free fluid in the cul-de-sac.

Can you tell me what this means? my doctors says she will remove it and my ovary. I am 47 not sure if that is the right choice. I do have pain and bloating symptoms and constipation? any advise would help.
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Most ovarian cysts resolve on their own within a few cycles / months, no intervention needed. According to this doctor-authored website - http://ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm - hemorrhagic cysts always resolve on their own. The cyst isn't that big either. The 1.5cm one is "tiny" and it's not uncommon for cysts that appear to be complex to end up not being so (such as your other one that is "likely hemorrhagic").

I don't know why your doctor would be recommending surgical intervention especially at this point. But also concerning is that she would remove your ovary instead of JUST the cyst (cystectomy). As Dr. Parker says on the aforementioned webpage, one should almost never need to lose their ovary for an ovarian cyst. Removal of any part of the "reproductive" system (one ovary, the uterus, tube or tubes) can disrupt normal ovarian function. And our ovaries are essential our whole lives for hormone / endocrine production. Removal of both ovaries or their impaired function is associated with accelerated aging and increased risk for many health problems.

Another ultrasound in 6 weeks or so would be more appropriate.

My organs were unnecessarily removed for a 9.5cm benign ovarian cyst when all that should have been removed was the cyst itself. The many lifelong functions of the ovaries and uterus became apparent very quickly. I discovered some very disturbing facts about the hysterectomy industry (and my gyn's unethical tactics) through my medical records and research. I discovered that women's organs are removed unnecessarily approximately 90% of the time.

Please keep us posted.  
I was diagnosed with a 3.4 complex cyst. I also have large fibroids and bleed like crazy every 25-26 days when I get my period. I am now anemic. I am going for a hysteractomy next month. Gynecologist will remove only uterus and cyst, if no cancer. Very worried about the cyst. Gynecologist seemed not too worry about it, even though he never saw actual ultrasound pictures from ER and was only going on written description by radiologist which did not say much. I am in constant pelvic and lower back pain, bloated, gas, headaches, and the severe menstral bleeding is slowly killing me. I have no life quality. Every cycle, I flood. Constant pain between cycles. I am 48, almost 49, and never miss my period. They come with vengeance and suck the life out of me. I had a maymectomy a decade ago for fibroid bleeding, but they came back.  Scared I might have endo, scar tissue from previous surgery and need a ontological gynecologist, but cannot get one, unless I forgo my surgery and start looking for one. That is a process that takes months. I feel like with the cyst, waiting even 6 weeks can be bad, if they find cancer. Would love to keep ovaries and cervix, and gyno said I will, if no cancer, but the uterus has to go at this point. I cannot continue living like this. Old Before My Time, what advice do you have for me? I am curious as to why removing the uterus only ages us? I fully understand about the ovaries, and how important their function is, but I thought the uterus was only a sac to carry a baby, and should not impact our hormones if removed. Thank you in advance for replying.
I'm sorry you're dealing with this and scheduled for a hysterectomy. :(

Your cyst is still small and may resolve on its own. If you do not have a family history of ovarian cancer then it's very unlikely that the cyst is malignant as your lifetime risk of ovarian cancer is less than 2% (1.3% per government stats). But if it doesn't resolve then removal of just the cyst would be the appropriate action if frozen section shows that it's benign.

Have you tried hormonal or non-hormonal medication to control the bleeding? There's a drug called Lysteda (tranexamic acid) that's not hormonal that many gyns fail to offer to their patients. You only take it while on your period and it has been shown to reduce bleeding by up to 58% according to this chart - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0015970/table/ch8.t1/?report=objectonly.

Removal of the uterus can impair ovarian function even to the point of them shutting down completely as if they'd been removed ("surgical menopause"). I put that in quotes because an intact woman's ovaries produce hormones her whole life. These hormones are proven to protect her from heart disease, osteoporosis, hip fractures, dementia, Parkinsons, cognitive and memory impairment, lung cancer, metabolic syndrome, vision deterioration, mood disorders (depression, anxiety), urogenital atrophy, sexual dysfunction, more severe hot flushes.

Additionally, studies show that hysterectomy (regardless of whether or not ovaries are removed) increases risk of thyroid cancer, renal cell / kidney cancer and colorectal cancer.

The uterus and its ligaments have anatomical functions, both for the organs and the skeletal structure. It anchors the bladder and bowel. After hysterectomy, these organs descend and are no longer separated by the uterus increasing risk for dysfunction (incontinence and incomplete emptying) as well as rectocele, enterocele, cystocele, urethrocele and fistula. The uterine ligaments are the supporting structures for the spine, hips and rib cage. Severing those ligaments causes the spine to compress, the rib cage to drop and the hips to widen leading to chronic back and hip problems and an altered figure. Many women report loss of sexual desire and function as well even if their ovaries continue functioning. If you have uterine orgasms, you will no longer have them.    

I hope you can find a solution without having to resort to this surgery that causes more problems than it solves. You are probably close to menopause when these fibroids should shrink and all this should end. Best of luck to you!
Dear Old Before My Time. I am so thankful to you for taking the time to reply to my questions. You seem to be a very wise, kind and knowledgeable person. Your comments are very much appreciated. I am patrified about the 3.4 cm complex cyst. It was diagnosed in the ER, a week ago, where I was forced to go for severe pelvic pain, sharp as a knife which doubled me over. I was having my period and bleeding profusely. I use 48 pads in less than 24 hours, and still soil everything I touch during my heavy period days. I don't have overian cancer history in the family, but my mom had bilateral breast cancer in her 40s, colon cancer and eventually pancreatic cancer, which took her life. I did test myself for the genetic mutation of BRCA and do not have it. I am terrified of cancer, as I saw what it did to my beloved mom, and other people that I loved. So, my gynocologist was very "no big deal" about the cyst, and did say it might be a functional one, even though the radiologist on the ultrasound clearly described it as complex. I was bleeding so badly the night of the ultrasound, I don't know what was happening to my insides. My blood work showed slightly elevated blood cell count, an abnormal level of liver enzyme, and anemia. I think my liver is getting killed from all the pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs I am taking to combat the constant pelvic and lower back pain. Then, the flooding hits, every 25 days on average and I feel like I am going to faint, the moment I stand on my feet to go the bathroom to change, which happens every 10 minutes. I was really hoping to stretch it to menapouse, as I am aware fibroids are estrogen driven, but in my family women menaspouse late, more like mid 50s, and I will not survive with these huge uterus that is pressing on my bladder and my bowels and the submucous fibroid that is making my lining shed like crazy. I am look as though I am 5 months pregnant. I already went through all this in my late 30s and chose a mymectomy back then for all the reasons you mentioned. The fibroids returned with a vengeance. I refuse to take hormones due to the Breast cancer risk. I did try the Tranexamic acid which you mentioned, and did not have much luck with it. It did prolong my period. Even, if I was to continue and live with the blood loss which is bad for the body, the constant pain I am in, is unbearable. Gynecologist is saying the fibroids and the very enlarged uterus are the reason for the constant pain. It feels like a trap. Either path you choose, has dire consequences, and I realize it. Currently, I am worried about the cyst. The ultrasound I did eleven months ago, showed ovaries regular in size and no cysts. Now, a 3.4 complex cyst with vescular flow seen within both ovaries and no free standing fluid. No other information available. Gynocologist said doing a CA-125 test would be useless as I got fibroids, and they will influence the result. I will repeat ultrasound in 4 weeks, and praying it does not grow, or maybe shrinks. That would be a miracle. I am also concerned about endometriosis and scar tissue from previous surgery, but I can't get any answers until they open me up. I was really hoping to have a gynecological oncologist present during the surgery, but time is of the essence with this cyst, and my gynecologist operates on her own, and feels she can handle my surgery without one present. Sorry, for the long post. This is a very isolating experience, as most people I try to talk to, tell me I am being a drama queen and just go through the surgery
( hysterectomy) and get it over with.
* when I say my blood count was elevated, I refer to the white cell blood count which fights infections. I also had slight fever while at the ER. I was diagnosed as suffering from anemia (around 10 hemoglobin) and that is with taking iron supplements. My iron levels were elevated, due to the supplements, I suppose, yet still anemic.
Thank you for your kind words.

I'm so sorry you have such awful bleeding! That would make it hard to persevere! Did the results of the myomectomy last quite awhile such that another myomectomy would be an option?

I'm sorry to hear about your mom's cancers and passing! That would certainly have an effect on your mindset but it's good you're BRCA negative. Most ovarian cysts including complex ones are benign and imaging is not perfect so cysts that appear complex may not be. For instance, multiple simple cysts can appear to be one complex one due to the individual cyst borders looking like septations. And hemorrhagic cysts can be "viewed" as complex. As per the original poster's radiologist stated, she had a "complex" cyst which was "likely hemorrhagic". Hemorrhagic cysts resolve on their own as shown on this website - http://ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm.

One woman (who I believe posted on this site) was all ready to undergo surgery for a complex cyst and she demanded another u/s the morning of surgery. Her doctor was adamant that one not be done but she relented. Lo and behold her cyst had disappeared and it was quite a bit larger than yours. If you are truly concerned about ovarian cancer, you should seek out a gynecologic oncologist. My gynecologist told me he wanted me to see one but there wouldn't be time and that one would be "standing by" if needed. Looking back and based on my medical records, this was all part of his "design" to do extensive surgery that was overkill and has caused me MUCH more harm than good. And even more troubling is that I did get in to consult with the oncologist mentioned by my gyn but his tactics were just as suspect and unethical and appeared to be in collusion with my gyn. It's been 11 years and I'm still shocked by all this and stories I hear from other women who were misled about their conditions and treatment options.

Sorry for the novel. I hope it helps!
Dear Old before my Time. Thank you for all your kind, encouraging and enlightening words of wisdom. It seems like you suffered needlessly at the hands of incompetent and greedy doctors. I am so sorry for your pain. I will update once I have more information regarding my situation. Again, thank you for being here for women like me.
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