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ovarian cysts & stomach problems

I have been having pretty significant stomach problems for almost a year now.  I have severe indigestion (gas and heartburn,) burning in my stomach, several loose bowels a day, severe abdominal distention/ bloating, water retention in my legs and hips, and headaches.  I am constantly tired, my hair is falling out and I urinate frequently.  I started having abnormal cycles around the same time, very painful first day of my cycle followed by a 3 day period, spotting in between periods, cramping after sex, and other times within the month, and lower back pain.  I recently had a pelvic ultrasound done that showed a very small cyst with an enlarged left ovary.  I also had a recent pap smear that showed abnormalities.  At this point doctors have been unable to properly diagnose me.  The direction they have been sending me in is all GI stuff.  I have numerous tests done with the only one being positive is small bowel bacteria overgrowth.  I think the symptoms are related but cant seem to figure out how.  Any advise is appreciated.  It has been 11 months and I am tired of feeling ill all the time.
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I am so sorry this has been ongoing for you.  Almost all your symptoms are indicative of ovarian cysts.  I had the water retention, back pain, abdominal bloating (looked 6 months pregnant), urination urgency, gas and bowel changes.  Many women have changes in their cycles, pain with sex and other hormonal changes.  

SIBO can cause some of the abdominal issues but not the others.  You know your body.  Insist that they rule out ovarian cancer.  Keep in mind that over 95% of all cysts are benign but you need to be sure.  Take a look at the health pages (top right) for some good info to arm yourself with.  Good luck.
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Keep going to Dr's until you find answers...........
I knew something was wrong but the Dr kept sending me to GI docs saying I had IBS.  I never felt right and then I finally got answers.  I had severe Endo and ovarian cysts. Endo can cause most all of your symptoms.  I don't have any experience w/hair loss.  I hope you feel better, I understand how frustrating it is!

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I know that this is a very late response, but  hair loss could be due to the fact that you probably aren't eating very well while suffering with all of the indigestion. I know I'm not eating well at all with mine and I'm dropping weight like crazy.  I think ovarian cysts do explain the rest of it. The only other thing that I can think of that would cause the hair loss is hypothyroidismn.
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