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ovarian cysts

im 16 and about 2 years ago I started getting really bad stabbing pains in my stomach. my periods started out to be really regular but then went very irregular and I was only having one every 6-9 months.
I decied to go to the doctor about my pains and I took a urine sample and had varies blood tests. the urine sample was clear and the bloods showed theat my hormones were a little out but nothing huge.
I then started having scans and they discovered a cysts. this cysts had then completely gone by my next scan but I now have a hemaroiid cyst on the other ovary. my really bad pains I usually got on the 26th of each month when I didn't come on my period and when I came on I wouldn't get one. however my doctor says that the pain is not related to my ovary problems as I was diagnosed with abdominal migraines. I do not think I have abdominal migraines as I did not wnt to admit to my mum that my periods were irregular at the start so I told the doctor they were regular.
later I went back and told her they wernt
nothing explains why im getting these pains and the more I read into ot on the interent the more worried I get and I cannot talk to anyone about it and fee realy alone! help please
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Do you mean dermoid cyst?  Or do you mean a hemorrhagic cyst (can't find "hemorrhoid cyst")?  Because I can say for sure and for certain that the prior can cause abdominal pains that quickly escalate.  No clue on the second, but I would imagine those could be painful, too.  Are they doing anything to take care of the cysts or simply monitoring?
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If the cysts look like a "string of beads" you could have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Other common traits of PCOS are excess body and/or facial hair, oily and acne-prone skin, being overweight or tendency to gain easily, irregular periods (I think they say 4 or less periods per year).

Another possibility is endometriosis which causes pelvic pain and can cause ovarian cysts.
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Erm I just got told hemaroid? I think! They're not doing anything apart from monitoring it but I can't explain the horrendous pain I'm in when I get one if my pains! It needs sorting but I don't know what todo next!
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