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ovarian tumors & abscess....???

I was hospitalized last year due to a fever of 103 abdominal pains and excessive bleeding. CT cans and sonogram was performed and the findings was a 5 x 4.56 cm right tubo -ovarian abscess with approximately 1.5 cm of free fluid. My uterus measured 9.31 x 5.75 cm with a small anterior fibroid. With my left ovary not being visible.. Now my problem is, the pain I was having then has returned and it's worse, i haven't been able to attend school regularly so i had to with draw. What are my options, since I'm a 33 yo woman who wants kids... And most importantly should I be concern about this along with my new symptoms: Nausea, vomiting,extended abdomen, and indigestion?
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What did they do about the abscess last year?  It might have caused scarring, and scar tissue (adhesions) on an ovary can hurt like heck when you ovulate.  If your doctor suggests it, you might consider removing that ovary.  (If there is a lot of complex infection-related residual scarring and so forth there, it's not the best side to ovulate from, anyway, because of the risk of ectopic pregnancy.)  If you do remove it, the other ovary would do the work of both.  (Just be sure they see your other ovary on the MRI or ultrasound before you approve any course of action.)   I'd ask my doc about getting an MRI of the painful side and at least an ultrasound of the other ovary to be sure it's there and looking fine, and then go ahead with some possible approaches.
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It sounds like you may have another ovarian cyst.  I suggest that you get an appointment with your gynecologist.  If possible I would ask for a transvaginal ultrasound in advance so he/she will have the results when you go to your appointment.  Did they just give you antibiotics for your abscess last year?  Scar tissue is a possibility too.  The best bet is to see your gynecologist.  If the pain gets too bad, you should go to the ER to rule out another abscess.  Please keep us updated on how you are doing.  
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@AnnieBrooke: They did nothing about the abscess last year. They gave me Flagyl 500mg doxycycline 100mg and percocet 5-325 mg and discharged me. They  assured me this would remove the problem completely and it did for a few months but the pain is worse now... @ fungirl1011: I just read over my full medical report an it list 3 things that concerns me.... tubo - ovarian abscess, Uterus (anterior fibroid), and a nabothian cyst....
I really want kids and I'm praying to God this all can be fixed quickly... Really upset with the doctors last year because this should have been handled then. Will keep u guys poste my next appointment is Thurs, 04/29
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