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pain left side

I am 49 and in menapause and have been for about 5 years.  For the past 2 weeks I have a constant pain on my left ovary;  the pain is sometimes is so strong that it takes my breath away.  I haven't been to the doctor's yet I am trying to see if will just go away.  I had back surgery in 2002 the 3rd surgery in 2 years where I now have rods in my lower back and at the time of my surgery about 1 month later I had a blood clot on my ovary; I am now experienceing the same kind of pain.  Any suggestions.
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You definitely need to see a gynecologist.  Please don't ignore this.  If you have a cyst and if it is doing something like twisting a fallopian tube, your life could be in danger.  Not trying to be over-dramatic, but ignored pains don't just go away.  At least find out what is causing this pain and get treatment if something is found.
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I was and am still having pain on my left side as well so i went to the doc and he sent me to the GI doc and he found pre cancer on a couple of areas in my colon by colonoscopy. there are other things specifically on the left side you can think about other than the ovaries. I have intestinal, colon, ovarian, uterin, and fillopian tube issues and I got all of it checked out. Yes listen to us dont ignore pain. Pain is there for a reason. To tell your body there is something going on. Good luck and I hope you get it fixed whatever it may be.
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