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pelvic mass/ploycystic ovaries

Im 25 years old and after months of pelvic pain i was sent for an ultrasound and internal examination. I have been told i have a large 7cm mass to the right side of my pelvis with swelling and fluid on my pelvis. They also think i may have 'blocked' tubes as they are also swollen. Along with ths they say i have polycystic ovaries too. I am due to see my consultant in two weeks. Has anyone had the same? do you know what to expect from my consultation. my doctors dont seem to be able to answer any of my questions.
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Hi sharon,

Thanks for you reply.
The pain is rather bad, taking tremadol and dicofenic for the pain and have been un able to return to work yet, the pain is still there from a dull ache to severe shooting pain through my back and down my thigh.
I had a transvaginal ultrasound and a abdonimal ultrasound a month ago, where they found the pelvic mass and pcos.
I have a follow up in a few days so i hope i get some answers then

Sally x
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how excruciating was the pelvic pain ?? could u stand on one foot ? was intercouse excruciating as well ?? what caused the pelvic pain to go away ??

anywhere from pid to endometriosis to ovarian cysts is suspected here ... they will probably do a transvagial ultrasound (if u can tolerate it) and order bHcg and CA-125 tests

i pray u luck with ur consult but call ur doc immediately if pain increases u cant walk or u get dizziness/nausea or bleeding more than one pad an hour

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Hi again,
     I'm glad you posted over on this Forum as well.. You'll find lots of information . Think I posted to you on the other forum about the PCOS forum as well as posting on this one.

I know you'll feel a lot better after your consult, but please keep us posted.

Good luck,
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