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post surgery pain after 2 months

Hi everyone, i really hope you will be able to help with this one!?
In september i had an emergancy ovarian cystectomy and salpindectomy to remove a 8cm cystic mass in my pelvis. This was done laproscopicly. I recovered well and was back at work within 3 weeks. As time has gone on the pain i was having before surgery has come back now on both sides along with what feels like a water infection but all water tests are clear. I am still taking very strong pain killers for this but dont seem to take the pain away. I have been back into hospital 3 times now and have had two ultra sound scans/blood tests etc... but they say everything is fine.  The pain is becoming unbareable and im i at my wits end as everytime i go to the docs they ship me off to hospital keep  in for a week drugged up on Morphene ingections then send me home again!!!  
I am 25 years old and have no children, i have also not had a period since July and not currently taking any contraseptive.
Thank you for any help you can give me
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   I think I'd find another Dr. . This doesn't sound right to me. Everyone heals differently but even those that took longer than "average" didn't have the kind of pain you are experiencing so far out from surgery.  Usually all is back to normal within 6 weeks from a laparoscopic procedure and most are o.k a lot sooner.
   I really think another opinion is warranted.

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Hi, this is not normal , I would definately find another doctor.  To be going through unbearable pain and just drugging you upto the eyeballs is not acceptable , you need to find a sypathetic doctor who will get to the bottom of your distress.
Good luck and please let us know how you get on .

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Thank you so much for your replies, you have made me feel like im NOT going mad anymore!!!
I have seen 3 Doctoers in 2 hospitals in the past month and feel like i am waisting their time now!  Im starting to feel like this pain is in my head!!!
I am due to see my surgeon tomorrow afternoon for my post op check up so hopefully i will be able to find something out then.
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