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can a woman with these ovarian fibroids @37YRS OLD STILL HAVE CHILDREN? AND IF SO, WHAT ARE THE RISKS.

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I had ovarian cysts and fibroids and got pregnant...actually I was scheduled to have the cysts removed and found out I was pregnant before I even removed them...I would check with your doctor and just make sure what kind of cysts you are dealing with,,also have your doctor give you a transvaginal ultrasound to determine what is going on..Good Luck..Gia :)
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This is a forum for ovarian cancer, I suggest you post your question on the fertility forum and I am sure that someone will give you an answer there.

I think possibliy you mean ovarian cysts instead of ovarian fibriods as fibriods are assoicated with the Uterus and ovarian cysts are associated with the ovaries. There is also an ovarian cyst forum that will be able to help you

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