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I will try to make a long story short...I have not had a period since Nov 09...I am usually regular to the point I can tell you when it is coming. Well needless to say, I have had my tubes tied since April 2000 and have been tested for pregnancy and blood work to make sure I am not having a tubal, all negative. I have been having alot of spotting on and off thru Dec and then on Jan 10. I experienced severe gushing of blood then it stopped after like 1 hr then spotted some the rest of the day. Then the next morning..same thing but this time bleeding didnt seem to quit and having some low back pain and lower abdominal pain on right side. So I went to the ER, this is where they did all the tests and a Pelvic..PA found a big cyst on my RT ovary. But after sitting for 4 hrs waiting to be seen..the blood had stopped, once again :( so she said she seen very little blood in the cervix and referred me to the OBGYN Dr within 3 days....The OB gave me an appt for next friday and said he thinks I am bleeding from the Endometrium Sac...Does anyone know what all this means ???
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You need to learn more about the large cyst from a gynecologist, probably the main culprit behind everything.
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I'm sorry that you are experiencing this.  I know how scary it can be when you have no clue what is going on.  Have you had any more bleeding since then?  Did the ER doctor give you any more information about the cyst?  Have you seen this gynecologist before?  Please do not let them blow you off.  You need to find out what is going on.  Most likely it is the cyst causing all of the problems.  If it happens again or if you get bad pain or a fever, I would go to the ER again and demand that they give you some answers.  Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

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I did have another bout of bleeding the next morning...and then quit and i spotted until sat am then quit again. I am spotting again this morning...the ER didnt give me anything on the cyst just gave me naproxen and told me to follow up with my obgyn...which they wouldnt never call me back until yesterday and gave me an appt til way in feb...but i didn call another i was recommended to by a good friend, that appt is friday for an US...i figured why go back to the er,lol they didnt tell me nothing the other day...i am having really sharp back pain this morning, not sure if it has anything to do with this other but oh my...when it first hit last night...i couldnt hardly breathe or move at all. i will keep u updated !
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I'm glad you took matters into your own hands and found your own doctor. I wouldn't go back to that ER again either,  perhaps a different one?
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update: went to the ob dr and they did pelvic exam,vaginal us and reg us and nothing but a cyst measuring 2.75 all around on left side...she thought i was possibly having appendicitis so they sent me back to the er again...nothing on ct scan but the cyst...so still not knowing...have had a 16 lbs weight gain, nausea, and right sided pain from inside right abdomen into lower back. so unsure still...the er recommended me to go back to ob...the ob wants to put me on the mirena (IUD) to regulate periods but periods are regular until nov and stil no cycle as of today. and for the cyst she wanted to put me on something to shrink but she cant bc of migraines and meds im onfor that and cnt take bc pills bc blood clots run in the family
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Update again: well here it is april 5 and still no monthly cycle...so now it has been 5 mo without....still no answers, the only thing the ob can come up with is...early menopause and other than that is the ovarian cyst that measures 5 cm...still having low rt side pain probably coming from the cyst, nausea every day...he is planning on doing a hysterectomy as soon as i come with 2300.00...
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