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recurring ovarian complex cysts

I know I posted something a couple days ago but I never got a reply.

Quick recap - Had surgery for a complex cyst inside left ovary on April 20, 2010. The cyst was removed, they found mild endometriosis, removed apendix, and drained a cluster of cysts on right falopian tube. They could not come to an agreement of what kind of cyst it was; however, it was benign. Also, I was diagnosed with IBS about 4 years ago.

It has been three months since surgery and the pain is returning. I went to the doc last friday and he felt around but didn't feel anything. He said it is extremely unlikely a cyst has returned or the endo because I am on the pill. He did order an ultrasound for Monday the 26th. He thinks it might be my colon that is causing the pain.

Here is my question. Has anyone had cysts return and return that quickly?? The pain is getting worse and worse and the agonizing pain in my hip and groin is also returning. During and after sex is becoming more and more uncomfortable and painful. I am confused as to how a problem with my colon can cause the exact same pain as prior to surgery and hip pain... I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy in 2007 and it came back just fine.

A little insight would be great. The pain is starting to affect my work day. Thank you in advance!
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Hi, I have been having similar issues. I had a cyst rupture in March, no idea what kind, and by early May I felt some symptoms again and thought I must have another cyst. Went back to dr and she said my ascending colon was distended and very palpable upon examination. This is on the right side, same side as the ruptured cyst. I have now had a ct scan of abdomen and will get rests at the end of August. I have read loads and loads on Internet and I think that symptoms like ours maybe due to scarring or adhesions from the rupture affecting the bowel. It maybe worth you asking your dr if that is a possibility ?
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Thank you for reply. The cyst I had in my left ovary (where my pain is now) was a complex cyst and was not a fluid filled cyst and the cysts on my right falopian tube were fluid filled but never ruptured. None of the cysts I had rupturedd. They were all removed during surgery.

He has not mentioned adhesions or scar tissue. He just thought it might be my ibs. However, in all my years with ibs I have never had the pain i have now. I am making an appointment with my gastroenterologist in case they don't see anything with the ultrasound.
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The ultrasound will let you know if a cyst has returned.  This can and does happen.  I do disagree with your doctor about the endo.  I had endo and a cyst removal many years ago before my most recent dx with ovca so I was in a situation similar to yours.  My endo did grow and I had great pain after my cyst removal surgery despite being on bc pills.  They don't always work at balancing out the hormones correctly.  Endo is very painful and this seems like the most likely cause of your pain if your future tests don't reveal a new problem.  I continued to experience pain until I had my first child (13 years after the original surgery) and never found a successful way to rid myself of it.  Heat seemed to help me the most and when you must work with the pain...a heated wrap like TheraHeat does help take the edge off as well as OTC pain meds.  It is very thin and activated by air so you can wear it under your clothes.  It provides about 8 hours of heat therapy...is a little pricey...but worth it when the pain is great.  Ask your doctor about taking 600-800mg of ibuprofen for the pain when you are having a bad spell.  This helped me, but be sure to eat something when taking the pills at that dosage.  It is rough on the stomach.

I think the gastro follow up is a good choice.  You are doing the right thing by following up in all areas to make sure the doctors haven't missed something.  Good luck to you and I hope you feel better soon!
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Thank you for the insight and tips. My Gyno had asked if I wanted some pain meds and I declined. My body does not handle pain medication well. He said I can take ibuprofen but I need to be careful because I have stmach problems and acid reflux. I am sort of stuck to manage the pain without meds which I've done most of the time when I have my period. It kills but I get through it somehow.
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So starting yesterday on top of the pelvic pain and hip pain The bloating and gas has returned. Beginning to think more and more something has returned. Just 2.5 weeks until I know for sure...
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Yes, it sounds suspicious.  Hang in there and hopefully you will get some answers soon.
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This just gets frusterating. I have made the decision to slowly switch to all natural organic diet in case that is feeding the issue. It would be nice to have a break from all this stuff I'm only 27 and I already have 4 different types of doctors. I know I shouldn't complain bacause there are people out there that battle so many more issues. But for me I'm frusterated! And it ***** to have to wait for answers! Sorry I just wanted to vent!
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Adding anothr pain when I stretch or lean to the side it hurts and now when i press it lightly it hurts sort of like a bruise. Grrtttr
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It's ok to vent...it does help!  The upsetting this is that sometimes you can't find a dx for pain and other symptoms.  That doesn't mean nothing is wrong.  Sometimes conditions take years to show themselves.  Hormonal changes and imbalances can make you feel very bad in your entire body.  You have already been dx with both endometriosis and IBS and either one of those can give you pain and make you feel lousy.  An attentive internal medicine doctor may be a great help to you.  They can offer suggestions and have a broad knowledge of the entire body and how things affect one another.  Sometimes a specialist has tunnel vision and doesn't link all the issues together.  Things can get missed that way.   Hang in there!
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