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results of uturus/pelvicand transvaginal ultrasound

Hi there .... this is the result of my title above... Findings: Transabdominal and endovaginal sonographic imaging was lesion in the right fundus measuring 2.1 cm and likely representing a leiomayoma. Endometruim is homogeneous. A 2.6 cm hemorrahagic cyst involves the right ovary. A 2.2 cm heterogeneious round lesion in the left ovary likely represents a hemorrhagic cyst as well. No adnexal mass is seen. A small amount of free fluid is present. Impression : 1. A 2.1 cm intramural leiomayoma involves the right uterine fundus. 2. Bilateral likely hemorragagic cysts involve the ovaries, right greater than left. The right lesion measures 2.6 cm . Consider follow-up pelvic sonogram in one to two mentrual cycles to ensure resolution. 3. Small amount of free fluid is present.

WOW when I look up these medical definitions its seems like a possible REALLY big deal . I went into E.R. due to severe pain. I do not have a doctor nor insurance as yet . Have not had pap smear either in over two years.  Kids have healthy families active as of today . My application goes to medical , where they say up to 45 days. What should I do and still have NOT had a mammogram either . Due to breast feeding kids for 18 months each and UK not usually doing one until 45 . I have history too , though in that my Mom has had breast cancer ( contained ) and my great grandmother had two removed. Sooooooooooooo.... there we go ! PLEASE let me know what I should do and what sort of diagnsis do YOU all make out of what is going on ? THANKS SO MUCH ! X
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You will need to post in the "Expert Forum".. you will see that to the right.. However, the expert forum only takes 2 questions daily and mostly for Ovarian Cancer questions.

You need to find a Gynecologist who will be better able to "translate" the results for you. Perhaps the hospital where you had this US can provide you with a list of Drs. from which to choose before that two month "watch and wait" period is over. (which by the way is fairly standard)
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Thanks very much for your time ; ) !
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