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stabbing pains 2 weeks after laparoscopy?

I had a laparoscopy 13 days ago to remove a large cyst and my right ovary, a 2 hour surgery. Was feeling great and improving every day more or less until yesterday...sharp, stabbing pains on my right side where the ovary was, pulling sensation, etc.

Has really depressed and frightened me as I thought I was nearly mended! Please can someone answer, why am I having this pain when nothing is no longer there? I'm ovulating, is that why? Is it nerve endings that have been cut suddenly coming to life? I need some answers!!! Thank you ladies, you've been such a huge support to me, my dr was a wonderful surgeon but has told me NOTHING about what to expect or what sort of routine I should follow post op!
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There could be a few different things going on in there.  First, it could be like you said and the nerve endings coming back alive.  Meaning it could just simply be your body healing (just because you look healed on the outside and feel  better doesn't mean you are healed on the inside yet).  Second, it could be scar tissue developing where the cyst and ovary were.  Third, it could be that you did too much in the last few days and your body is telling you to slow down and rest.  Rest it the key to recovering.  You have to give your body time to heal.  I hope you get feeling better soon.  If it continues to happen you can give your doctor a call and let them know what is going on.  Keep us updated on how you are doing.
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thank you fungirl, I suppose if it were something serious I would be in agony...just trying to rest and not panic!
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hey how are you? i hope u are better than last week. don't worry those stabbing pains i had them for a while, i still have them now and it's been 8 weeks since my laparoscopy procedure but the pain gets better in time. i am still home, by the way. i rested a lot, in my 4th week i did a bit much and it put me back so do things at your own pace unless you want to add time to your recovery like me lol. everyone heals different, don't believe the 2-3 week recovery crap, it doesn't work for everyone. i hope you heal fast though. your own body will tell you when it's done healing and don't stress out. the external part heals fast but internally your body needs time. i used to freak out about those pains too until the gracious ladies on this panel assured me it was normal. fungirl is right, REST is key! do things as you feel comfortable don't push yourself beyond what you can do. I hope you have a speedy recovery!
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I am in the same boat, still having pain I thought surgery would help me with (and it was the same surgery). I also started lupron so if this is any leftover endo, it should help with it. But pain is so frustrating as I did surgery to get rid of it. Let us know how you are doing. Rest and use heating pad, it works for me.
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if it's pain around the incision area it's just because it's healing. internal healing takes time, after all they had to cut you and put gas in you and stuff. my GYN told me it is major surgery even though the external scar heals fast. i did not need lupron because i had little endo so i am just on continuous birth control for 6 months. i am now on my 9th week and the pain is subsiding, it used to hurt a lot especially in the morning when i wake up but it's getting better. don't worry, you will reap the benefits. heating pads are good, especially moist ones. stay strong and i wish you a speedy recovery!
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Incision areas have already healed nicely and have no pain there. Pain is on the inside, where the cyst and ovary were and it feels the same as the pain I was having prior to surgery. It also seems to be getting worse and that it is driving me nuts. Today is exactly 3 weeks after the surgery and it might be too soon to be fully recovered... Glad to hear that your pain is subsiding. Continuous birth control pills worked for me, they really helped with endo pain even after I stopped taking them. Good luck with your recovery!
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It will get better in time. I had terrible stabbing pains for 2 months and now it is month 3 and they are slowly getting better. I over did it the 1st week or 2, so this is why I have had such a hard time. Just relax and it WILL get better. It is your bodies why of healing itself. What ever you do, be careful to listen to every word the gyno says, as sometimes they make you feel worse. Mine made me feel like I was an alien.
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You got it - alien, that is how I feel! My doctor says next step is hysterectomy if pain does not go away. He of course does not think this is healing pain. But he was nice enough to send me for a second opinion which, I will try to get when I come back from vacation. Maybe vacation itself helps.
I thought I took it easy first week but who knows... Thanks for sharing as I know I am not alone and need to be more patient.
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I'm 8 weeks out from having my left ovary, fallopian tube and a large mass removed lapriscopically.  I had horrible pulling, stabbing pains on my left side for weeks.  Trouble lifting my left leg - into and out of bed, into a chair, into and out of the car, etc.  They are finally subsiding.  PT, viseral manipulation and massage have helped a lot with it.  The surgeon said part of my pain was adhesions and scar tissue (which can be worked with, find a good PT or massage therapist).  PT agrees with that, but also, I have trouble using my abdominal muscles on my left side, so other muscles have taken over, and they are not happy about that.  Relseased some of those, and I feel so much better.  Still not up to where I was pre-op, but getting closer.  Back to work tomorrow, and it's a physically demanding job, so I'll see how that goes.  Rest really is key.  And listening to your body.  You live in your body, you know how it feels and what it's telling you.
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thank you everyone! I'll be 5 weeks post op this Wed, and I'm still having pain, but only when I do too much, like walk too much, etc...I have just cleaned my daughters' bedroom - what a disaster area, and now I am hurting...will I ever learn!

I do hope it subsides soon, never thought I'd still be so fragile 5 weeks on!
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hey there how are you doing? how are you coming along? i hope it's getting better. try and not do too much, take it easy. i am at 10 and a half weeks and still not 100%, the twinges and pains are a little better but i can't do a lot of work even at home. the healing process is very slow, even i still feel fragile lol! i haven't gone back to work yet, i am thinking maybe in another 4 weeks. by then i should be good. i hope you are better and continue to get better. best wishes :)
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I feel your pain, literally!  I had my lap 11 days ago and am still in agony at times.  My doctor told me that I should be feeling better after 24 hours.... obviously, he was incorrect.I am still experiencing sharp pains in the morning and after I use the bathroom.  A doctor friend of mine thought that maybe the surgery aggravated my IBS....I'm not sure.  All I know is that I am still in a lot of pain and can't walk very far at all!  
I am so relieved hear that others took more time to heal.  I was feeling as if I was crazy and all of this pain was in my head.  I am going to take it easy for the next couple weeks and hope that all will be well.  
How are you progressing mghnew2you?  I hope all is well for you!
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I am exactly 2 weeks out today from lap surgery. Dr found large dermoid cyst on my right ovary, sever endo all over, and my right ovary was connected to mu left ovary with adhesions. He removed my right ovary. Recovery has been tough was feeling much better until yesterday when had sudden pain in my left ovary and was advised to go to the ER and had another ultrasound. I have another cyst the size of a golf ball on my left ovary. I am feeling pretty defeated at this point don't know what to do. I am so exhausted and tired of being in pain. I haven't been able to work since November and I am a newlywed. My husband and I would love to have a baby but with all of these problems, the doctor says its not likely. My hormones have been all over the place. I feel so bad for my husband bc we just got married and have found all of this out and I have been stuck in bed feeling pain for a while and I haven't been able to take care of the house. We haven't even been able to have a honeymoon yet and we have been married since December. Doc says next is Lupron and that is so scary to me. Everything I have been told is terrible. Any advice would be appreciated.

Eat alot of foods with iodine and just monitor the cyst which is what I should have done.  I had a 3.8 cm cyst and with iodine foods in 6 weeks had reduced it to 3.5 cm.  But because I was in a hurry to get rid of it I had it drained.  Now I have pain but eventually it will subside.
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Hi there.  I had a cyst the size of a tennis ball removed from my fallopian tube and have had unbearable stabbings pains, also in the mornings, evenings and during/after I pass urine. It seems from all the posts that it is normal but that the healing is a very lengthly process.  How are you feeling now?  Is it any better?
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I had lap to remove a cyst and lots of endo, it has been two weeks and I am still in alot of pain. I had severe endo, and they could not remove all of it, I was told to do hormon therapy so that I can reach menopause. I defenitely did not do what I was told, instead talked to my gyno, she suggested an estrogen free contraceptive, which will stop ovulating and I wont get my period any more. I am 38. I got my period 3 days ago, it was painful, and started taking the new pill. I have stabbing feeling on my right ovary, but the cyst was on my left side. I still have my both ovaries thank god. I was just wondering if I am ever going to feel better??
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I had sharp pains on and off until 6 weeks after a similar surgery. I called the doctor to ask about it and she said it could be the nerves healing. The pain was enough to make me wince, but was not crippling.

If the pain lasts long or is intolerable, definitely call your doctor.
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How are you feeling now? 10 days ago I had a 7.5 endometrial cyst removed from my left ovary. I was feeling great but today I started to feel stabbing pain to in the morning and later afternoon. I have a 3 hour flight in 4 hours and start worry about the pain . Is this normal?
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