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upper stomach pain with cyst on ovaries?

Hello all! I am 43 yrs old. After a transvaginal ultra sound I was diagnosed with 4 cyst on right ovary and complex mass on left ovary that has solid components and fluid, I had a hysterctomy 2 years ago. Took everything but ovaries. I had my gallbladder removed in March of this year. I dont only hurt in my pelvic area but also in my upper stomach. I feel like I have a gall bladder again. The pain around my rifght rib cage is unbearable. My ca-125 was 6 so I thought that was pretty good! Can this upper stomach pain and nausea be caused by the ovarian problem? I have no appetite, frequent urination and a stomach that talks louder than me and believe me thats loud! Any feedback would be most appreciated.
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Oh yes.  I am awaiting surgery to remove 16 cm cyst on right ovary and 7 cm uteran fibroid.  The masses displace your other organs and cause swelling throughout your abdomen.  This can definitely put pressure around your rib cage and upper stomach.  I am suffering from this as well.  It took me a while to get a referral to a gyn because my family doctor thought my problems were ulcer related due to where I was initally having pain.  Frequent urination (me too) and a lower appetite are all typical.

What are your doctor's saying?  When are they operating?

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Thanks for replying! I am sorry your are having the same problems.I haven't had a comfortable moment in so long I forgot what it feels like. I get my second trans vaginal ultrasound on Tuesday by my doctor rather than the imaging place I went to the first time. She thinks theres more to this than what my report reads after she did the pelvic exam. I assume we will set a surgery date than. I now have follicur cyst on the inside of my thigh (very painful) and stools have turned in the opposite direction. Now watery. I am still looking for the light at the end of this tunnel.
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Hi.  I was wondering if you ever found out what was going on.  I had some of the same symptoms & was just curious.  I had a 4cm hemorrhagic cyst on my left ovary, & I was having unbearable nausea & upper stomach pain among other symptoms.  I am not hungry either & have frequent urination (like 15 times in an hour and a half).  If I eat anything, my stomach is bloated, painful to the touch, & my nausea is worse.  My stools have been everywhere-- constipated one day & just water the next day.  I explained to my PCP that I really did not think it was a result of my cyst, but he sent me to the gynecologist anyways, and the gynecologist agreed that she doubted it was the cyst.  After a barium swallow & EGD, it was found that I had a huge duodenal ulcer & gastritis.  I'm waiting on the results to see what kind of an ulcer it is & waiting for the results of my HIDA scan, which will not be of much use to you as your gallbladder is already removed.  My solution to my problem is that I have not been eating much of anything.  If I don't eat, the nausea & pain is still present, but not nearly as bad as it is when I eat.  If I drink as much water as I normally do, 64oz++, I'm going to the bathroom every half an hour, so I'm not drinking nearly as much as I should be.  

Any information about what was found would be very much appreciated.  Thanks!
I would like to know if any of you ever found out what was wrong.  I have all of the exact same symptoms.  I have three cysts on my right ovary and one on the left and I have right side pain constantly and abdomen pain.  CT scan showed I had a collapsed colon.  I had an EGD and Colonoscopy on Friday.  The doctor saw something in my stomach and biopsied that, but said I definitely have gastritis.  He didn't see any polyps or anything in my colon, but diagnosed me with diverticulosis, not diverticulitis, but losis.  I completely cannot eat, if I do I feel so sick and even vomit or get diarrhea or both.  I am scheduled for the hida scan this friday.  I just wondered what you ladies found out was wrong.
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