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why am I in so much pain??

I am 44 and have three children and am pre menopausal. I have been perfectly healthy up until now and all my births were natural . The only operations I have had were a toncilectomy age 7 and about 6 years ago I had a proceedure called hydro thermal ablation due to very heavy monthly bleeding and now I only have to wear panty liners for a couple of days instead of the super super massive pads I used to use!  
Anyway its a bit confusing so will start at the beginning.... in May I had cystitis and had to have antibiotics as the sachets didn't work (no surprise there) was unfortunately allergic to the antibiotics and gradually came out in a rash over my chest arms and legs but took the whole course. A month later in June I got cystitis yet again .The sachets didn't work this time either still kept needing to go to the loo and had left lower back pain. After taking antibiotics for four days went back to the docs only to find they had lost my urine sample (DUH) so they couldn't be sure I was on the right ones. The pain in my back was getting much worse now and was having left lower abdominal pain too.  As I had blood and protein in my new sample that day and was in so much pain the doc decided I must have  a kidney infection and changed me to a higher dose (knock my head off strong) antibiotics. After about four days the pain was just getting worse and phoned doc she said if still bad phone back tomorrow  ......so I did and now I was in so much pain I was crying and could hardly speak or walk....she told me to get ambulance and go to hospital......which I did.......they gave me some kind of morphine type drugs and took x rays......The next day doc came to see me and said they thought I had kidney stone as was in so much pain in left lower back and left lower abdomen....then they said there was no kidney stones on the x ray and that the pain I was still having must be like when someone is in the war and they lose a leg but still feel the leg even though it is no longer there . (I think he was trying to say I may have had  a kidney stone that had passed already but I was still feeling the pain as if it was still there ! (WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH) The pain was constant and like labour pains .So they discharged me with some tablets which may as well have been a packey of smarties for all the good they did and I ended up back in casualty dept at the hospital the very next day crying in severve pain !! They gave me gas and air which helped a lot and then when I was admitted I had those morphine type drugs again which were fine until they wore off.  
I was annoyed that they wouldn't let me use my heat pad to put on the pain (2 min in the microwave) which I had been using at home. So had to resort to having hot baths in between when the meds were no longer working to keep sane.
They did a ct scan which also showed up nothing and were about to discharge me yet again when they decided to try an internal ultrasound scan which took three days!!!!!! so I had no real sleep now  for about two weeks and was exhausted and weak lost a stone in weight due to lack of appetite and pressure in my abdomen.   They found a ruptured cyst on my left ovary which was bleeding ........BUT INSISTED THAT THIS WOULD NOT BE THE CAUSE OF MY PAIN!!!!!!!!!

So what is it??????

I am worried that the diagnosis of kidney infection was wrong and the ruptured cyst may have caused the infection in my abdomen hence the pain that I still have now two months later . When I had the infection I had a very high temperature went from shivering so badly my kids thought I was dying and sweating profusly (alternating for several days) I have never felt so ill in all my life I could only drink water and take my painkillers and antibiotics and eat an oat biscuit with my pills.

I had another internal ultrasound scan today and she said she couldn't see anything on my left ovary (but it was extremely painful when she gently prodded around on the left side) but she said I have a dermoid cyst on my right ovary which would explain why I have had pain on that side now too back and front for the last month.She said she is reccomending to my doctor that I have a referal to a gynacologist now (ABOUT TIME) I won't get the actual results until next week from my doctor after they compare the two scans.

I am also booked in go for a procedure where they put a telescope in my bladder on the 23rd September but my urologist at the hospital said that was only to see why I keep getting bladder infections and not because they thought it was the cause of my pain.

I am currently taking Tramadol 200mg 12 hour slow release tablets and diclofenac plus some anti constipation pills.   This at least means I am finally sleeping through the night at last but I don't want to be taking them forever.

Anyone got any ideas as to why I am in so much pain??

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Hi there,
I'm your age, but no kids, but for the past two years have experienced painful ovulation 4 times - all on the right side. Starts with middleshmertz - the pain when you feel ovulation - then steadily builds and builds into excruciating pain, like being stabbed repeatedly with a chef's knife then kicked by a donkey (or so I imagine).  Lasts about a week and slowly dissipates as I get closer to having my period.

This last time, the pain didn't dissipate and eventually migrated to my lower back, then up my right side (back).  My doc's nurse recommended I go to the ER to rule out appendicitis, which they did, but they also did an ultrasound and found a 10cm cyst on my right ovary.  Left ovary had a small cyst, but it had just ovulated that cycle, so that was normal.

My doctor told me that the pain is from the cyst bleeding or rupturing - all that fluid and blood is extremely aggravating to your insides - and sometimes the cyst/ovary can twist over on itself, which is also extremely painful. Also, just because it ruptures, doesn't mean it's going away - it can continue to bleed into itself and grow larger, as mine did.

Get a second opinion and maybe an MRI so they can see 3D what's in there.  You might have to have the cyst removed, as I did, or perhaps some progesterone cream?  You'll have to find a good ob/gyn to properly diagnose the problem & help you with treatment options.\

The only thing that seemed to help my pain was large amounts of vitamin C - maybe helping my body to process out the aggravating fluid - no idea. Advil wasn't much help.  I feel for you though - I know how painful it is.

Stay positive & keep on them to figure it out.
Take care.
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Hi there
Thanks so much for your comments I particularily liked your description of the pain lol
It is always hard to describe how it feels and I do remember saying to the doctor it is like being kicked in the back at one point and stabbed in my side lol The front pain is definately located in a specific place ( the ovary type position ) and is definately like really horrendous labour pains . I will try the vitamin c althoguh I have been eating lots of fruit as advised to avoid constipation anyway.  I have ordered a cd of all my scans ,xrays and ultrasounds yesterday and will be vey interested to see them for myself . I don't know how long they will take to come through though .  

After being told the cyst on my right ovary was a dermoid cyst I stupidly looked up the picture on google images and saw one with about 5 fully formed teeth attached yuk!!! Now I am thinking I have some kind of alien inside me with hair and teeth and worse still if the rupture cyst on the left ovary was also a dermoid cyst (I have no idea they didn't say) that I might have bits of hair and teeth and stuff floating about inside me (double yuk)

I am trying to stay positive though lol
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I have been reading some of the other posts and was dismayed to find that getting refered to a gynocologist isn't the end of it.....he then has to refer to an oncologist for anything to get done is that right????  what is the difference ??

I am so annoyed this is tyaking so long as each time i run out of meds each one costs me another £7  and as I am taking three lots thats £21 each time !!

Also the pain has got much worse since having the second trans vaginal ultrasound two days ago and am now using heat pad again even though on really strong painkillers.

Anyone else had this happen after scan??

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saw the doc and got scan results (finally) :
Dermoid cyst on right ovary ....left ovary looks fine
Unfortunately when the doc said last time all my blood tests came back fine what I didn't realise was that they forgot to do the CA-125 TEST even though doc wrote it on the blood request sheet!!!
Doctor is ringing up the lab today and I will probably have to go in and give more blood tomorrow or something depending on what he says when he rings me tonight.
I have to go back in 6 weeks for a third internal ultrasound noooooooooooooo!! not again still recovering from the last one ouch!! To check on the cyst
I have at least been refered to the gynocologist now and will get an appointment for about 3 weeks time apparently (won't hold my breath.) I got more painkillers for another month and he changed my diclofenac to slow release two tablets lol hopefully that will improve the pain a bit :)

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Just been to the doctors for the CA125  results : it is 16.5 which is normal apparently so thats a good thing at least something is going right.
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had my third ultrasound and they said no cysts now so that means it wasn't a dermoid !!!  But my left ovary is wrapped around the back of my uterus!!!!

Not sure what is going on there!!!   Will have to wait for my laparoscopy to be sure although I am pretty convinced that I have endometriosis now after reading up about it.
Previously I thought it only affected childless women but that is not always the case  

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