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why does it hurt when I pee?

Is it normal for it to hurt when you urinate when you have an ovarian cyst? Why does this happen? My cyst is on the left side and is 4cm but it feels like I have a constant UTI but dont have a one. Its from the cyst but why and how? Someone please help!
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hi hun, i cant tell u if its normal...but i have the same problem. i cant sit with a full bladder as it hurts so im frequently going to the loo. when i do pee its not burning like a uti, but i get a shap pain up towards the left where my cyst and growth is (especially at the end if u know what i mean). hope it helps knowing your not on your own. take care xxx
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The cyst is probably putting pressure on the urinary tract. All these parts are very close together and the cyst is an extra foreign body taking up real estate in an area where it doesn't belong.
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hello ladys,
i had a cyst removed last year which was over 10cm in size and a complex one at that, that was on my right side but now 8months on im now having pain on my left side and like u both i have the same pain when my bladder is full but no burning when i wee, i have had over 20 uti since my opp well thats what the Dr keeps telling me but im not to sure thats what i was having!!!!!!!!!!!!! this time round i had no UTI but blood in my wee im getting alot of pain in my lower back and in the belly to the left side, also but my Dr just will not send me to see anyone and said its very unlikely that another cyst is there but once again im not to sure????
im worried that they is more going on i've been looking things up and IC looks more like what i have but my Dr will not have u tell him what wrong with ya he hate's the internet!!!
if u get any answers please do tell us coz it may just help me find out whats going on with me.
jen :)
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I am 16 and have a 3cm cyst on my left side. I have pain in my lower abdomin and in my lower back. I also have a burning thing when I pee. Like it burns a lot like I am on fire or something. It hurts so much. It lasts after I am done peeing also. It is horrible. I cant handle it. So I know how you feel. What do they do about cysts no one has told me. I had an altrasound done to find it and that was from my PCP and I have a gyno next week. I am so scared. Do gynos hurt alot when you have a cyst in there? I am a rape victim so I am so afraid of people touching me. Is it hard to go to the GYNo??
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I have had pressure when i go to the bathroom due to the cyst. If its burning that much I would ask to have the dr to check you for a UTI. However in the mean time you can drink some cranberry juice and see if that'll help incase you do have a UTI.

Also, its not painful, uncomfortable due to the cyst and might have some pressure feeling. But it'll be okay. I know where you are coming from about being afraid of people touching you, I was raped when i was 14. However it'l be fine its a dr and it'll be okay, you can also request to have a family member or a nurse in the room with you if you would like to make you feel more comfortable.
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as JessRae said burning would be a sign of a uti. have u put a uine sample in with your gp?

try and relax with gyn examination, if u tense up it will become more uncomfortable. a nurse will be present. let them know if u r uncomfortable

im sorry to hear about what u have experienced, have u spoken to anyone about it?

take care

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I was checked for a UTI but did not have one. So I do not know.

I was raped when  I was 14 and again in november and also when I was 8 by someone I knew and that happened everymonth atleast once for 2 years. So I have basically been raped about 30+ times in my life. I was abused like threeatened my knifes and stuff like that. So I couldent do nything. I have 2 theripist but I am still so overwhelmed and traumatized by it, I am afraid of the dark and of beiong around people my age and  being in groups and stuff like that it is crazy. I feel like a mental case.
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If your peeing blood you probably have a bladder or kidney infection. I know that's extremely painful plus I had kidney stones with it. I ended up in the hospital on morphine and IV antibiotics when I did that. Don't play around peeing blood, goto the emergency room!
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