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wierd feeling - has anyone had it?

Hi all,

Perhaps someone here has been experiencing my symptoms and could shed some light on what's going on in my body.
I'm 37 years old, never been pregnant and never used the pill. I've been having ovulation pain for the last 3 years or so - 2/3 days of cramping in mid cycle and then again just before my period started. In the last few months, the pains became stronger and they cramping lasts longer, sometimes from ovulation until menstruation, sometime accompanied by nausea. Occasionally I'd feel a twinge of pain in one of my ovaries. During the last cycle, I had pain during ovulation as usual, and then again a few days before my period. However, this time I also have this feeling I never had before. It's a bit hard to describe. I feel my ovaries all the time. It's not pain, it's just a kind of painless pressure. I'm also not completely sure it's my ovaries. sometimes I think it's the lymph nodes in my groin. I just feel this area on both side (though more on the left) ALL THE TIME. It started a few 2 days before my period. My period was over yesterday and the feeling is still there. Occasionally I feel pain in one ovary or the other, which is not too strong and lasts a few minutes. I've never felt this before.

Is this familiar to anyone?

Thank you so much for your responses!

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That sounds like what I was experiencing last fall... it morphed into pain all the time this summer and I just found out I have a 10 cm cyst that has to come out.
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Thank you very much for responding! I would love to have more info if that's ok. Do the doctors know whether the cyst is benign? How is it going to be removed?

Thanks again,

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Hi dd..
Have you had a transvaginal ultrasound? Have you seen a gyn? I had similar symptoms to yours where I was having non stop pain. I had large lesions on both ovaries which we watched for about a year. Finally my doc said they had to come out. Cysts/tumors on the ovaries can cause a host of symptoms. Many docs can make an educated guess as to what the cysts are but the only definitive way to rule out cancer is a biopsy. Good luck with all this and keep us posted
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Hi Laney, thanks so much for responding. I'm going to make an appointment tomorrow, but I'm so worried in the meantime. Any pains/discomfort I had up to now were always related to either ovulation or my period. This is the first time I feel anything non related to either. It has been going on for a week now. I'm scared to death of having cancer and/or of having to have my ovaries removed  and going into early menopause. I just wish it turns out to be something not so serious.

Thanks again for your support. It's great to have this forum

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It will be good when you get the US so they will know more about what is going on inside. When I had similar symptoms...they found a cyst. It ended up reabsorbing just before the 6 week follow up US...if it had not they would have removed it. I also had an enlarged uterus so they did a hysterectomy. I didn't know about the ovaries but ended up that even with having had the cyst...they looked healthy and she was comfortable with leaving them both. Hope all goes well for you and you get some answers soon. Keep us posted...God bless...Lynn
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Hi all,

Just wanted to update you. I went to a general doctor, and he sent me to a ct scan which was normal. Next, I'm going to go to a gyn. In the meantime, I'm still feeling occasional twinges of pain in my ovaries, mostly the left one. But in addition, I have other symptoms now: a swollen belly - It usually gets bigger during the day, and then is smaller again in the morning; nausea, especially in the morning when I wake up; change in bowel movements - gas, looser stools, discomfort in belly; headaches. Overall, I feel pretty crappy - a bit like having a flu. I'm definitely not pregnant by the way. So I'm still worried. But if these symptoms are due to ovca, could it be that a ct scan can miss it? Does anyone here have experience with ct scans?

Thanks again to all of you for the info and support.

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Hi there,
sorry you are having so much pain and discomfort- try not to worry, you are doing the right thing by listening to your body.
I can't help about the CT scan, but what you describe does sound a lot like endometriosis. I don't know if a CT scan picks this up- I know that sometimes the adhesions are quite small- so maybe not. I have very similar symptoms (I had a cyst too) and mine was diagnosed as endo in September.

Best wishes for a solution for you soon.
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Dear SoberMommy,  I've recently had a CT Scan for the first time.  I had this procedure to try and figure out why I had persistant pain under the right rib cage.  I also had this fullness feeling(similar as to how I felt when I was pregnant, like I'm going to pop because I felt blown-up like a balloon) , bouts of nausea and pain in my stomach which came and went. The Doctor also had me go for a nucular bone scan to help with the diagnosis.  I kept saying I think  I cracked my rib but the xray did not support this. (I'm a Special Education Teacher and I had restrained a violent child and I thought I hurt myself doing this.)  Well anyway after tests ruling out organ issues like the gallbladder and the liver also situated in this area of the body the CT Scan and the bone scan came back with two very different results.  The bone scan verified a fractured rib and thus pain in that area and the CT Scan showed a huge 7.1cm cyst on my right ovary which resulted in my other symtons. Needless to say I found those two tests very helpful as a diagnostic tool.  My GYN then did an ultra sound of the uterus to get a closer look at the cyst.  I hop this was helpful to you  Sue.
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Thank you suebt and Jaxsie.
It is good to hear from another person who has had a CT and had my symptoms. It seems like these kind of symptoms can be caused by a cyst only if it's fairly large, and a large cyst should be picked up by a CT, right? So it probably IS endo. My appt with the gyn is for Dec 17th. Hope that then the guessing game will end. I feel better today than in the last few days. no nausea and headache, but still feel my ovary and started having my usual ovulation cramps. In the past months, I had one day of nausea before ovulation cramps would begin, so now I think that these symptoms are still related to my cycle. Only it seems that with each month my cycle symptoms get more severe. At least I tell myself that if I had a large tumor on my ovary, or an advanced stage ovarian cancer, CT would have showed something suspicious, so maybe the worst is ruled out.

Best wishes to all of you,

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