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How to get started

PHHS is a project to help you change your life by giving you something you can look at and reaffirm why and what you are doing. Life can be chaotic and time is precious so organization is absolutely neccessary for success, especially if you want to CHANGE your life. This is how it works take a blank notebook and a pen. Write down your goals and why you want to achieve them on the first page.

      (first I state what I want)
I want to be healthy and have more energy. I realize I have a food addiction and do not want to be ruled by it.  
      (then I state my goal in a clear and concise way. Giving myself structure and a time frame to work with)
My goal is to lose 95lbs in one year.
      (The next step is to solidify what I am going to do to reach the goal)
      (add a goal of how often and maybe adding what types: mine is 30 min to 1 hr a day)
Eat a healthy diet
      (you can either set up a meal plan or a specific diet style you enjoy: Mine is a mixture of paleo/primal eating)
Relaxation techniques
      (can be anything from devoting an hour to reading a book to crystal meditation or drum circle attendance)
Proper sleep
      (I work nights so reminding myself on paper that this needs to be a priority for me is important improper sleep leads to crashing and bing eating for me.)

After you have soldified these ideas on paper devote at least one page a day to accomplishing your goals.

(my paper looks a little like this)

Day goal:
Week Goal:
Food journal:
I make an entry in each catagory even if it is one sentence. The purpose is to give yourself something you can look at and say okay, I can make changes here, or alright I rocked that day! i did this for a couple days and ended up going back and devoting a section to how much water I drank that day as well.
I weigh in every Tuesday and my week ends on Sunday.
Sunday is when I make an extra entry talking about my week and what I accomplished things I want to change and how I feel about the whole process. I also take a few minutes to talk about my weekly goal. (example: this week my goal is to learn about back strengthening. I have been doing the exercises that focus more on strengthening those vital muscles. I also will research and learn more about the muscles of the back and how to strengthen them.)

I hope you will join me PHHS is going to be a hard adventure but we can have fun doing it!
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