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$ tree evap lines

Any of you ladies experience pink evap lines an hour after a BFN when using $ tree tests? I have never had this problem with these tests until this cycle so natually I was freaking out...thinking maybe just maybe this was my month.
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I personally have neva used $ tree tests. However...i havnt heard of many coloured evap's with them, however some women may of experienced this. You should try testing again..best of luck! And ssbd..
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Hi as Louise mentioned I've never seen a "colored" evap and def not pink. Sounds very promising, test again.
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Thanks for your comments ladies. I am 14dpo and no sign of AF. I continue to get pink evap lines on those stupid tests and need to just go out and buy a good one. I am sure it's a BFN because those lines don't show up until the test has time to dry.
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Have u re-tested yet Kara? I see ur at 16DPO..wooo!
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