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So i came across this group and wanted to share my recent POASaholic story...LOL!!! After my last miscarriage I came across an ebay store that sells opk's and hpt's you buy 50 at a time (any combination of the 2 to make up 50). So when seeting out this latest FET cycle, i purchased 50 hpt's for the low price of $18.85 CDN (free shipping ...woo hoo) So starting 3dp5dt and 5dp3dt (long story, had to have 2 different transfers) i started to yes...POAS!!!! and when i got my first faint positive I started doing up to 5 tests a day. That was 2 weeks ago (not to mention i even purchased 2 x double FRER packs and a digital with conception indicator just to be sure... LOL) and i still have tests left and I am STILL taking at least 2 tests a day just to see the positive line. Yes so far I am 5 weeks pregnant and still taking daily hpt's...Do i Qualify to be in this Forum... LOL!!!!
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You must first admit you have a problem and you are powerless to fight the power of the sticks!! lol.  See, your smart...I was running out and buying the FRER's...a pack a day!  I'm like a junkie with these things..ha.
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I still took a test today just to see the positive line show before the pee moved all the way across. My beta is 3609 and I am still poas!!! I think I do have a problem and am powerless to the stick... LOL!!!!
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Wow kricher, u really are a POAS-Aholic. hehe.. Keep up the good work ;) But, i think its safe to say, u can stop POAS, however, like many women do keep going..lol. Im sure you'll get sick of seeing that + soon.. Or will u ;) Congrats on the BFP btw!! :)
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