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POAS addict

hello, my name is kelli and im addicted to pissing on a stick..
I have been know to do it just for fun even when i know for sure im not pregnant and also have all the old ones i have done because i cant bring myself to chuck em. I have done opks and hpts on the same day same time and would like to meet more people like me who can except what i am and would like to have fun with my addiction...
thanks for lissening

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LOL!!!!  just threw out a bag of old ones today!!! I don't know why I ever saved them in the 1st place!!!!!!!
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OH my....am I ever an addict.....I just went to $tree today and I ended up walking out with 10 yes I said 10 pregnancy tests.....then we stopped by walmart and I had to pee soooooo yes I did indeed have to test right then and there.;...even though I am only 6dpo and I KNEW it would be a BFN...but I will be testing again tomorrow well who am I kidding I will be testing all week...

My DH says I am crazy....told him could be worse ....  :)
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Oh that could have been me posting...lol.  I still have all the ones I took when I was pregnant with my son (including those I took while 6 months pregnant just because I like seeing the pretty pink lines..lol).  I too have done an OPK and HPT same day...someone told me an OPK will turn up positive while pregnant (by the way, not necessarily true..lol).   I am only 6DPO and chomping at the bit.  The only reason I am holding off right now is I promised my husband..sigh.  I know I won't make it much longer though...
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HAHAHA I save mine too!!!! my DH find's it gross but there are all over the place.
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