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Proof of addiction lol

Woke up this morning at 12 dpo and did 2 tests 1 cheap brand from ebay and got a bfn then a first response gt a bfp (but very faint) through out the day done 4 more ebay tests and have all come back with BFP but very very faint.  Will deffo hgave to poas tomoz see if any change.
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You make us POASers proud lol... Congrats on the + btw!
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I have also kicked off an addiction this month my test total from 6dpo-12 dpo is approximate 30 / 120.00 spent ! Feel like I should definetly get some cheapies in bulk any recommendations ?
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Hey, wow! Thats alot of money to spend on tests.. You really are a dedicated POASer lol.

Hmm, ur in USA im guessing. Im in the UK, but for me personally, i buy the test strips of both OPK and HPT, one for cost and two because u can literally afford to POAS anytime u like without breaking the bank. Only downfall is u have to determine yourself if either are a + or - unlike the smiley face Ovulations tests u can buy.

Ebay are always a good place to buy, i get all mine from Ebay. But the UK one.

Ive just had a look around Ebay for u. For me, i would pick something like this-


50 OPK's should last u a good long while. You could also buy extra HPT's to bump up the supply of 10.


Again, this is what i personally would want. If perhaps u are after tests which are a little more easier to read then i suggest Ebay, or even Amazon.

Hope this has helped u.... Good luck with TTC!
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