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A little help from a friend

It's my 1st post on this forum but I read it a lot.
I was diagnosed with C-PTSD 9 years ago after the murder of my mom.
I've been trying everything and nothing worked. I even scared some of my shrinks! Go figure...
I found out I had to find the solution by myself and I got discouraged a lot.
Until last year. I found this book that was as revelation to me. It felt like it had been written for me.
It's called "Waking the Tiger" by Doctor Peter A Levine
Here's a little biography

Peter A. Levine, Ph.D. is the originator and developer of Somatic Experiencing® and the Director of the Foundation for Human Enrichment.
He holds doctorate degrees in Medical Biophysics and in Psychology.
During his thirty five-year study of stress and trauma, Dr. Levine has contributed to a variety of scientific and popular publications.
Dr. Levine was a stress consultant for NASA during the development of the Space Shuttle, and has taught at treatment centers, hospitals and pain clinics throughout the world, as well as at the Hopi Guidance Center in Arizona.
Peter served on the World, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, presidents’ initiative on responding to large scale disasters and ethno-political warfare. He is presently a distinguished faculty member at the Santa Barbara graduate Institute.
His best selling book, Waking the Tiger; Healing Trauma, is published in 12 languages.

I sincerely hope I could help.
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Very definatley you have helped by giving this information and the chance to read this book, I went and googled it and have to go back to read more and am going to get the book today, I believe this is the kind of information we need .Thank you,
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Thanks,  Total.  I'm going to check it out at Barnes and Noble.  The write-up and recommendations on Amazon are very enthusiastic.
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I absolutly disagree with post below, books and internet and listening to folks here, their experiences have helped me a lot, I am definatly stronger amd coping more than I have in the past, and whilst all the therapys and all the couselling may help some  ,I do not deny that fact,... others have found other ways and this forum is all about that ,most of us want to cope in the way we are comfortable with and thats the way it should be,I prefer to find my own way through it with the help I have named , its a matter of how you do it. I am feeling better, I have come through it and I will stay that way and no negative comments will change that,it is our own strengths,... that help us through and I do believe with PTSD you can help and overcome it yourself, but its your choice..
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I bought the book.  Flipping through the book is a great comfort,  totallost.  Looks like good exercises,  great quotes.    I'm excited to read it.  

Thank you.  Even owning it feels like a giant leap forward.
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for some of us that don't think a book can change a life, Waking the tiger is a good book!
Margypops, you're a real sweetie.
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Check the site and you'll be the judge of it.
I don't understand the attacks on this forum, I am just trying to help
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i do not know who would attack you. i am a survivor and I have been reading in this field for 30 years.

cannot type much  we ptsd sufferers waited years for recogntion   we want  to help each others

my remark was directed at the idea of listening first to what a doctor says, rather
than to  every post here. some posters here (not you) know very little about ptsd, so all of us have to weigh thigs, and to learn.

i teach adults in colleges and univerversities and they teach me, too. We learn, for one thing, to evalute everything.

learning and healing are so good.  there were remarks here (not yours), that hyped the book.this is not good.

you recommended it, and that is not hype.    

I want the best for ptsd sufferers

our suffering is so deep and lasts so long, and doctors do not have all the answers. we must seek help in many places. i fend for myself, all the time.                                                            

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, Am going to the site today as the bits I read yesterday I loved, didnt get for the book yesterday , had a kitty to look after and didnt get out, it was a kitty who adopted me and I had to get it spayed.Saturday. sorry I digress as usual.. anyway Rock has got it and liked it, so thats a good enough referral for me, take no notice of the belittleing guys its all happened before I let it run off my back like a duck in water.....
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Hey I have just joined this Forum, I have been doing it for quite a while and hadnt joined ... so guys if you havent   ...join     ..
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Good morning,  All.

I've gotten some way through Waking the Tiger,  and am really enjoying it.  It resonates.

All my life (I'm 49) I've been extremely resilient to stress and fear,  and have been able to recover from grief or fear very quickly.  I see other people stumble and be unable to cope,  and I've never understood that - I hadn't seen  how life's experiences can cause so much trauma and anxiety.  

Until two summers ago.  I had three traumas in one month.  My son got into trouble,  I had a seizure from water intoxication (whoda thought??) and I had a very prolonged near drowning experience where I had a lot of time to think I'm not going to survive this,  this is the end.

So all three left me traumatized.  Honestly,  I think almost all of it was my fear and anxiety for my son,  and the other two were just incidental.  That's how it feels anyway,  but maybe not.

Two years have passed, and we're seeing great things out of the kids - and I'm healthy,  and all looks like clear sailing.    I should be happy and over it.  But I'm not.  I'm left with residual anxiety,  shaking,  panic,  sleeplessness,  and slight depression.

It's time to heal.  This past week I had begun to feel healing.  I have begun to feel like roses in the springtime - little green buds begin to pop out and you begin to notice.

This book,  and the images of the Wakening Tigers on the cover are very very powerful to me,  and they strike a clear cord.  Not aggressive growling tigers,  but bold,  confident,  curious,  joyful tigers.  My "tiger" has been asleep for two years and the image of her waking up and coming back alive is thrilling,  and hopeful to me.

In the beginning of the book,  the statement:

"I do not view PTSD as pathology to be managed,  suppressed or adjusted to,  but the result of a natural process gone awry.  Healing trauma requires a direct experience of the living,  feeling,  and knowing organism".  YES.  Healing.  Not managing.  Healing. Whew.  

Later,  "The Individuals Experienced Sense of His or Her Capacity to Meet Danger.  Some people experience themselves as completely capable of defending themselves against danger while others don't."  YES,  again.  That's me.  Anxiety is foreign to me and so I have a great impatience to live this way any longer - I will not live in an anxious state.    

Today's exercise,  on page 63,  of acknowledging and sensing each body part - part by part - in the shower is invigorating and empowering.

So,  we'll see.  The saying "When the student is ready,  the teacher arrives".  I'm ready.  

Thanks again,  totallost for the information,  and Margy,  thanks for your confidence in me - eeks - but now I hope you find the book as striking or at any rate you don't blame me for burning 20 bucks.  ;D
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I forgot to emphasize a point,  and in rereading,  my post sounds arrogant.

Until I have gone through panic attacks and anxiety,  I never understood it at all.  I never understood the feeling that  I CAN'T get over it. Until it happened to me.  

Now,  I get it.  I am struggling very hard against allowing my anxiety to continue, and I now understand how other people I care about have struggled also.

I didn't mean to come off as if I have all the answers,  but now at least I understand the questions a little better.  ;D

Carry on.
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Well that was a good enough referral of the book for me, I also have been plagued with panic and anxiety,from Trauma so I am fairly certain it stems from PTSD  I consider myself a survivor, , I have read up anything I can for most of my ailments and got great help, when the experts seem to get it wrong, at least they did in my case , we all get help whichever way works .  My Goodness Rock the near drowning must have been awful like wise your boy in trouble and I never heard of water intoxication  dont think I would like it though, it does take time doesnt it, thats what I have found I have had a few Physical symptoms stem from my Trauma also and new ones seem to pop up , at least I like you ,am smelling the roses now.. You know guys one of the things I did was to go onto the internet and look for web site to help me get feed back from others and help them with any input.I could give ,,my posts are very simplistic ,I tell it as I see it, when It comes to children it is from experience and a lot of perception ,It was an immediate relief to find others firstly on the other forum... wont speak which one case I get struck down by lightening !and then on here suffering the same way, I found it a revelation to have found the web site and all of you. Okay so I digressed thats the English bit of me .....
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Both of us have joined, but thanks for the invite!  :-).  Apparently the mods deleted my post....a guess it was a bit too harsh.  I understand....they don't want to decent to takeover here.  That's the best way to run a forum anyway!
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Wow I guess 'someone" reported it, I didnt think it was too strong ,
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yeah cool huh?
As I told u...... I'm outa here. LMFAO
535822 tn?1443980380
.yes makes you wonder doesnt,, it very cool......think I';ll join you  .
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don't think...DO IT... it's really not worth it
Keep on rocking in a FREE world.
With a big smile on your face and LYAO!!!!!!!
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Well I can see the book is going to help a lot of folks suffering with PTSD and I encourage you all to read it, I found the begining of the book particularly true "Healing Trauma requires a direct experience of the living ,feeling and knowing organism"etc I will leave our poster to read it for them selves and go to the site you have printed for us,we all find our differant ways of healing and mine and yours has been through all the other means available to us, no doubt we try them all.
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I will have to check out the book, Thanks for sharing!
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OK guys You win, i left this forum yesterday, but i had 11 pm today begging me to come back!!!!!
Thank you all for the support you showed me.
I will ignore the nasty remarks and keep on helping my way,some of you seem to like it.
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Great Total thats what it is all about ,lets pull together in our own way for the good of everyone , and the forum, .we are here to help and be helped by others. Onward....
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Marg you're the best and the sweetest... we need more of you here
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Wow! Total, I was not aware that you left, but am glad to have you back!
711224 tn?1344775287
this has been an unbelievable ride!!! but I learned a lot...LOL
I think It's better if I stay.....see what I mean...LMAO
Thanx for your support
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