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I was in a bad crash 2 years ago. My dad and I were lucky that we didn't break anything. Several doctors later, he was diagnosed with a severe concussion. I wish I had that instead of PTSD. I'm coping for the second time without help. I had a psychologist the first time around. Does anyone have any tips on how to get past the nerves? I'm trying to get used to being behind the wheel again, and moving on with my life. Our car was totaled. The person at fault had a fender bender at best. He was an 80 year old man traveling with his wife in the front seat. It could've been a head-on collision but my dad had turned at the last second. This guy was a jerk, and I'm still dealing with emotions, depression, anxiety, etc., I just want to be okay again.
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I am connected with gym panic attack and after 6 month living hell life I have taken to choose facing fear again that's only way to get my life again it's all strucked in mind I am really sensitive to my health now my heart my body movements my sleep  and worst is feeling breathlessness  and it's like counting day by day  .i am taking paroxetine 10mg for help and it's only making me numb
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i tried group therapy meds and learn to cope with PTSD with social impairment helping others now.......... PTSD is extreme fear flashbacks and nightmares if you find a group for PTSD talk about it your experience open up and get the help you might need from others you are not alone my friend :)
I had that option when I was in therapy, but my parents didn't want me to go on meds. Now I don't have a psychologist, and I'm going through it again. The scary part is I keep having these flashes of what can happen before they even happen. I don't really have nightmares anymore, but I do have some emotional trauma where I keep flashing back to the part fo the crash where I was inconsolable. I just couldn't stop crying. Once I did, I started again. I couldn't even answer the emts that weren't on duty, but saw the entire thing. Our car wasn't even drivable. That car was still fairly new, and it was destroyed with the collision. I'm getting used to being behind the wheel.
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Thanks drifter for peace of words I got many panic attack in my life but why this has altered my thinking completely and it's always 24/7 with me now I got family to deal with hopes I will get normal again as I have started work out at home with small dumbbell which make me anxious all time still I am trying to push harder but I think it's too difficult as it makes my heart pounding like hitting hammer on wall and feeling of pass out.
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