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I was diagnosed with PTSD, under the name gulf war illness. Although these symptoms have developed progressively after such time, I do not assign responsibility to any traumatic event in my recollection. Depressed baseline of thinking and general mode of operation. A common interpretation  of though pattern to most dilemmas is a feeling of overwhelmed anxiety as to the effort involved with problem solving. Casting off all reponsibilty is common to relieve stress. This leaves a marked depression in mood and actions, which leads into an episode of major depression. No manic phases observed. I respond negatively to SSRI's, MAOI's and SNRI's (disassociative  anxiety). Benzodiazepines have been used for initial response anxiety, but are eventually retroactive in treatment of depressed though pattern. Thoughts on treatment?
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its unfortunate to not respond to meds I have PTSD for twenty years I take Zoloft it really helps me maybe try meds again its trial& error to find the right combo k :)
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