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Clenching/grinding teeth while sleeping: PTSD symptom?

I tend to clench my teeth or bit the insides of my cheeks while I'm sleeping.  I do it to some extent under any circumstances, but when I'm under a lot of stress I will routinely wake up with sore jaw muscles, and sometimes sores on the inside of my mouth (from biting it).  I brought this up to my boyfriend the other day, and he said that he'd hard it was symptomatic of PTSD.  Just wondering if anyone had heard anything about this.  
There are other reasons to believe that I might have PTSD, although nothing definitive, and it's not like I spend time searching the dark corners of my brain to see if there's anything in there that might have caused it.  
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I have also vaguely heard of this before,this may be one for the experts to answer ,what other symptoms do you have ?
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Well, I'm generally kind of...twitchy...I can't sleep comfortably without either another person or a knife within easy reach, and sometimes not even then.  I have several weird phobias which I have no explanation for.  I have essentially no memories of one person from my past, despite being able to clearly remember other people and events from the same time.  Also I startle very easily.  
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