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Do I need zoloft? Will it help?

I have always been afraid of taking pills.  I tend to get side effects and am so sensitive to medicines.  Over the last 5 years I have been under insane amounts of stress... Work stress, fertility struggles, child safety concerns involving step daughter and possible pedophile, and then to top it off I nearly died two years ago when my tubal pregnancy ruptured.  (Prior to being transported for surgery hey gave me a small dose of morphine which it turns out I'm highly allergic too). Basically life has been hard and exhausting.  

I've always been a busy person, loved going out in crowds, arenas, parties etc.  Then this past summer I suffered a concussion and then I began having extreme panic attacks.  I got to the point that leaving the house terrified me.  I'd feel the flight or flight urge in the grocery store, at red lights or sitting in my doctors waiting room.  

After months of seeing a naturopath, taking vitamins and suppliments, resting and using ativan to stop panic attacks my dr is urging me to start taking zoloft.  In the past month I've been feeling better and closer to being myself again.  I've gone out with friends and not felt anxiety.  Do I still need zoloft?  Has this helped you?  What should I expect when starting it?  Needless to say I'm terrified of being dependent on meds to be myself again!
Thanks for your advise
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I take Zoloft for anxiety good stuff but everyone responds differently :)
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Alright. So medication is like any other drug- if you are scared you are going to have a bad trip. My whole family is dependent on behavioral medications for severe disorders and I have childhood ptsd, anxiety, and seasonal depression- all pretty tame. They started me on meds when I was about 12. For years I tried different meds but I unded up having bad reactions, mainly because I didn't want to be on them in the first place. I saw my crazy family NEED them and I couldn't handle being like them so much that it gave me anxiety taking the darn things. Zoloft actually made me severely depressed. But maybe it won't be like that for you. I've been medication free, even with infertility depression, for over 10 years. I stopped having such strong episodes, started going outside more, and decided to simply not give two hoots if people thought I was crazy. I share my horror stories, insane thoughts, insecurities and even my infertility pain with pretty much every one. I have been SO much better when I stopped trying to hide my pain. I haven't had a single suicide attempt or plan since. I haven't brokwn down for two years when someone tries to "scare" me for fun. Panic attacks are still a minor thing but only for major parties mainly. But once I share that I am terrified, they go away like magic. Maybe it's my hubby or my commitment to getting through it. Just saying. Hope it helps to know you aren't alone.
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