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Help. I think I have DID?

I was doing research, as I've been experiencing weird symptoms lately, and came across DID. I match a lot of the symptoms - like, I'll forget nearly everything, I have controlling emotions, and it feels like I'm not in control? Like, I'm screaming on the outside but on the inside, I'm trying to stop and take over my body, but I'm not in control - another angrier person is inside of my head. I don't know if I'm just insane or if I have something else. I forget everything, people say I've done things which I have no recollection of, I get impulses I can't control and unwillingly I'll have to do something. The fact that it's common to have along with PTSD just makes it even more believable. Any thoughts on what this could be? My best bet is a mix of DID and BPD, but I don't know.
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with DID you will not know the other personalities best thing is to tell a doctor everything I hear three voices they have conversations with each other I take Seroquel it might not work for you. so try out what the doctor orders be honest you will get the help you need. and group therapy hope this helps :)
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When I get caught up and scared not knowing who I am, I have to remember to be gentle with myself and remind myself I belong to God. It really helps me cope. I remember my worth.
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