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How to cure anxiety disorder

It has more than 10 years now i am suffering from a kind of anxiety disorder. I have lost many good friends and constantly worry about not performing well in my work. I am also worried about my financial position, loans and so on.

I need effective solution how to get rid of these worries and live happily because i can't stand it anymore.
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do you take meds? counseling may help :)
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I do take meds but here in malaysia i just don't know what kind that may help with my situation. I never go for counselling though...i feel my mind as if it is covered by dark clouds unable to escape from all the misery and it stays and stays there all the time
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Try the linden method I promise it works its helped 2 of my friends I'm saving money to try it look up the linden method on google and see for yourself
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I have had service/ sexual assault related PTSD since 1990.  After years of suffering with it I also developed Major depression.  I was determined to get better and quit being a frozen rabbit, unable to fight or flight.  I do take medication for depression and anxiety, but a very small dose, but this is after years of therapy.  The most important thing for me was finding a relaxation method that i could focus on.  Also learning ways to distract myself under stress- distress tolerance.  Biofeedback was difficult but useful to see how hard wired I am and how truly hard it is to get myself to relax.  Also mindfulness and enjoying each moment.  I have been in recovery for nearly 7 years and many people would never know i have any type of mental illness unless I told them.  I still startle sometimes but the nightmares and such are gone.  I haven't had anxiety or panic attack in many years.  At some point you have to determine whether you will be a victim and do nothing or take your life back and be a happy survivor.  As for going places alone etc.  Start out going to one place alone.  Make it a point to speak to 1 person.  A waiter or checkout person.  Eventually I was able to go just about anywhere alone, even the movie theater and dinner.  It took a long time and small steps to get to that point.  I never thought I'd get myself straightened out.  But with a lot of support from professionals I did and I was able to taper my dosage down due to my tools to control my emotions and fears.  Good luck.
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