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I think I have PTSD but idk ???

When I was younger(about 10 years old) I went swimming and got stranded out into the deeper water. I have breathing problems so I can't hold my breath and I have to plug my nose with my fingers, so when I swim it can only really be one-handed. The problem was the beach we were at had gigantic waves and since I can't swim underwater very well, I was pretty much stuck. I started freaking out and had a pretty bad panic attack and almost drowned when I tried going back in. Ever since then I've been afraid of going into the ocean(more specifically waves), it doesn't matter how small the waves are I can't handle it. I have a tough time swimming everywhere now, when I'm in pools or lakes just the fact I'm in water causes me to recount that memory and causes me to freak out. I even get uncomfortable reading about people getting hurt/dying at the beach because all I can think about is that memory. I've occasionally had nightmares about it. So idk I think it might be but I'm not sure
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high surf ? or low tide
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