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I'm feeling very stressed and depressed after our home was robbed.

Our home was robbed the middle of April. We know who did it because of what was taken, what wasn't taken, the time of day, there's just so many reasons to know who did this to us. It was my nephew and his girlfriend.
Here it is two months later and it still feels like it just happened. When the police came to our home they didn't even take finger prints. This was a major robbery. We begged them to do this but they wouldn't.
What's really killing me is that they stole my original wedding rings. My wedding band means more to me than anything else I own because my husband put it on my finger when he was saying his vows to me. To know my nephew, who we've always treated like one of our own kids, is so hard. His mom, my sister, has taken his side. We've always been so close and now we're not sisters any more.
These 2 live right down the road from us so when we have to go anywhere we have to drive past their house. There's no getting around it. They've went out and bought 2 used vehicles and we know they were bought with our money. I have to see those 2 vehicles every time I drive past that house.
The police have been so useless. All they've done is went to their house and ask them a few questions. A detective was not brought on to our case until 2 weeks ago, 6 weeks after the robbery.
The only hope we have of them being caught is the fact that they both have warrants for other crimes. We had to do the research ourselves to find this out. The police didn't even run their names the times they went to their house. I spoke with the detective yesterday and he told me he plans to bring them in together on these warants so they can't bail each other out. He said he can question them about our case but if they mention getting a lawyer he has to stop, and I mean stop everything. He can longer talk to them at the jail or ever go by their house again to talk to them.
I don't know what's happened to our judicial system. Criminals have so many more rights than we do. Our neighbor saw the Jeep my nephew drives in our driveway at the time of the robbery. It wasn't enough to anything with. No warrant to bring them in and no search warrant.
This has been beyond frustrating. My depression is horrible. My anxiety is horrible. I've afraid to leave my home because I'm so worried this could happen again. Yes, my husband did install 2 security systems, after the robbery. We live in a small subdivision in the country so our neighbors watch out for each other. Even though our closest neighbor was looking out for us and saw that Jeep in our driveway it didn't help.
I don't know how to even begin starting the healing process. What I want to do is take matters in to my own hands. Good people are the ones who end up getting in trouble though.
They stole so many pieces of my jewelry. Not only my wedding rings but other pieces my husband gave me out of love. When I said this was a major robbery, it was. They stole almost $25,000 in cash, jewelry and prescription medication.
I needed to vent and I need some advice as far as getting to point of healing. I so wish the 2 of them could both be brought in today for the warrants they have. All we can is wait though. We won't even be informed when they're brought in. This is literally driving me crazy. I wold appreciate any advice.

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this happen to a family member i have who stole the same items he was asked to not come by again i was angry because i was  accused for the stealing its hard to deal with this i asked for a return the stolen items  but nothing yet go to court and accuse him hire a lawyer k your not alone :)
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Hi Drifter. Thank you so much for responding to my post. I'm so sorry you were accused of something you didn't do. That had to be horrible.
The nephew and his girlfriend were both picked up together a little over 2 weeks ago. He had 1 warrant and she had 3. I was really shocked to hear that she didn't scream for a lawyer. He gave them both a lie detector test. We though he was going to do the newer voice one. But he used the older test. He came to our home he next day and spent almost 3 hours with me, my husband and my daughter. He said they both passed the test but he also said they're not 10%% and he could see her passing it because she's a compulsive liar. This is why they can't be used in court. The time, the way it happened and what was taken out of only me and my husbands bedroom points only to this girl. I don't believe the nephew could have robbed us and passed the test. Before he met her around 6 years ago we could trust him with anything. He's 30 now but he used to spend the Summers with us when he was growing up. Nothing ever came up missing when he was here. With her, she's known for stealing something from anyone's home she's ever been in. No one wants this girl around them or their home. The detective is not done with our case. He believes too that it was her. He plans to question the girl who came to pick her up the day after the robbery. My daughter contacted this girl to ask where they went. This girl wouldn't tell my daughter anything. The girl, her name is Amanda, dropped out of sight for over 3 weeks after the robbery. An innocent person does not do this. The detective told us when he brought them in they each got to make a phone call. Amanda calls the nephews boss because she thought her bond was going to be really high. She told the boss that it was a big mistake and that her identity had been stolen. She also told the detective she didn't like cops because she used to own a bar and when she was closing up a cop came in a raped her. She's never owned a bar. She's used the rape thing so many times. The nephew used to have a lot of friends and some of those friends let him and Amanda stay with them for awhile. They always got kicked out because she stole from them. And when that happened she would accuse the guy of trying to rape her. This girl is so crazy. I've never in my life came across anyone like her. I've tried to talk to the nephew to let him know I believe she did this on her own and that if she gets caught she's going to blame him. If he did nothing he could end up in prison for what she did. The couple of times I've been to their house to talk to him he heads in to the house and she gets her mouth running with her phone video on saying she's going to get me for harassment. I always park on the side road and never in the driveway. So you think we could get a lawyer? It's something I've thought about it but didn't know if it was possible. It would be so worth it to me just to get my jewelry back. That's one of the main things she's stolen from other people. I talked to my oldest and dearest friend because her husband has been on the force for 40 years. He's chief of police. He was able to find out where they pawned things and what they've pawned. He gave us a list of things and I know everything was stolen because they never could have afforded anything they've pawned. I asked the detective if he could do this and he said yes. I'm so worried she could have a friend do it. She's known for loving jewelry though so I believe she'll let things calm down and start wearing my jewelry. She claims to have an aunt in another state who gives her things. So the nephew would think her aunt sent her some jewelry. Yes, he's that stupid. I really can't thank you enough for answering my post. I'm going to take your advice and see about getting a lawyer. I want to get my jewelry back because even though she's known for loving jewelry she might pawn some of it for money. If you have any more advice I would really appreciate it. This has messed with my head so bad. My depression and anxiety are both out of control.
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Yes stolen jewelry will show up give them much detail of your items and sue that loser :)
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