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I'm new. Questions of resources & shared understanding

I slowly work through my awareness of this trip wire called PTSD
It's been a long time coming.
I had severe trauma as a child (2 years of age) and at the time, and for years after, no one knew how to deal with it.
Thanks that we finally have the handle of "PTSD".
It makes it a good slogan, while we are still trying to figure out what to do with it.

Guess it affects us all somewhat differently.
I'm looking for resources, those who have insight.

I'm looking for an e-mail contact where we can match insights & concerns.
This group has some foundation.
Hope it has something for me, & I for those here.

At some point,  I'd like an e-mail therapist who can work with PTSD.
I come from the time when PTSD was not even in vogue.
Have had a few good experiences with therapists & counselors, but too many in the profession
were not qualified for such cases.
So we all learn.  Maybe.

What does it take to be a good therapist in this field?
Who has some of the insights, if not answers?
And who feels what is working for them?

There phrase "carrying baggage" is not even adequate.
I feel as if I am lugging the ol' ball and chain, somewhere in the hidden recesses of my being.
I can lose the feeling, but it always comes around again.
Catches me, throws me off, and I tail spin into such numbness.

Anyone for a response?

~ sara

In the interim, there were a lot of those who'd like to play the role, but had no understanding of what

I'm being cautious with the new therapist I have now.
Someday she may make a good therapist, but for now, we are not a match.

How do we open up the terror, the confusion, the fear
and yet not let us draw so complete around us.
I test my boundries by touching upon that dark side, where I can feel the dark memory somewhere beyond reach.
It would be a help to work through techniques & experiences with others, who understand boundries & don't try to play "expert".
Murky waters, in a land of the human unknown.

I'd like to find an e-mail therapist at some point, but have to trust myself & my process
until I find a good match.

The two are not synonomous.
Have a therapist now, but she isn't a good match, yet.
A lot of promise, but not honest enough
I find that therapists - over my life span - have been a bit more than short on the subject matter.

She knows she's over her head, as she is healing, too, from the same issue.
What a role reversal.

Trying to be in touch with the buried states of mind, and yet
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Others here may have some input for you, I think you may have to google for one , we are folks helping other folks here with and from our own experiences we are not proffessionals, put it into the search engine for some help,Good Luck
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Hi, I don't know anything about your trauma, but I am  familiar with what you say about therapists. They practice and they do as well as they can, but there are things that should be left to specialists. I come from an era when the popular belief was that children couldn't suffer from depression, they hadn't experienced enough of life to have anything to be depressed about. I'm sure, as It always seems to go, there were arguments in the professional world as studies emerged. The long and short of it is that whatever the trauma, it was seen through a child's eyes, some of it repeated over and over. In my case, after years of symptoms being minimized, I thought the same of my abusers, not that big of deal, what's wrong with me. It doesn't fill the hole that is left. It seems that unless one experiences it, it's difficult to image how childhood sounds, smells, and visuals trigger our minds. How fast it happens. It's very lonely there. I finally found a person who specializes in trauma. It's so much different talking to somebody like that, she knows.
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