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Just how I got PTSD

I was sexually abused by a mental old family member from age 2 to 6. I got a flash back when I turned 16 and realized it was true and no one did anything about it. Some of my close family knew even. So I go to counseling and psychiatry too.
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i attend group counseling, trips to the psychiatrist and i take my meds.....go job though ok :)
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Good job on the counsling. I should do that. I have PTSD also. I take meds. I thought I was cured for awhile but then I had a flashback. Apparently it is a work in progress.
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I just read something about a methadone breakthrough comment from the methadone community. I took Dilaudid for my bad spinal tap and isn't that like morphine? That is not a breakthrough in my opinion; that is a bad drug to get on. I know it helps temporary but I was on morphine for 5 days and it stopped working eventually. I take oxycodone and tylenol 3 w/ codeine for pain but you people with chronic pain like me need to be careful with addiction. So methadone is not a cure for RSD/CRPS, fibromyalgia period.
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