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Not sure where to ask this question but any help will be appreciated!!

Hello, My husband's family was told when he was a child that he was diagnosed with dormant seizures or dormant epilepsy.  Also in his family there is a mild case of split personality. My questions are, What exactly is dormant seizures or dormant epilepsy? What are the causes, signs or symptoms? When it does arise, what are the reactions of it to the person? Does the person know what is going on to them or are they in control of what the disease does to them when it becomes active? What type of medical treatment or preventative can the person take to prevent resurfacing to reoccur?
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my best guess would be trying to google this information i know nothing about this stuff i do think spit personality is a step below personality disoders i have PTSD since '94 try the google let us all kow ok :)
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