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Please help me in making my girlfriend to live a normal life..!!

recently me and my girlfriend were arguing.... and i said some things i should not have... and she had a abrupt mental breakdown which i could not prevent.... now she is troubled all the time and feels lonely, distressed, helpless and blames herself for it... she also keeps losing current memories of  the times when we are together... !!! i tried calming her down... she gets scared to sit anywhere filled with people....!! and she keeps crying all the time and thinks that she'll never get better!! she listens to me for the moment.. but after an hour or so.. she forgets we even had the talk!!! please somebody help me out... i love her, i would do anything for her... and i dun want to lose her because of some stupid things i said!!!
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It sounds like maybe she has anxiety/depression. It may have nothing to do with your argument so don't be hard on yourself. Just apologize and be there for her. Encourage her to see a Dr as he/she is the professional who can truly help.
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I doubt her problem has anything to do with you. Get her to a therapist if you can.
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standby your woman and she will be there for you :)
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Just a quick thought, you probably arent going to make her live a normal life no matter how hard you try.  You really cant make someone do something like that.  You can help her get help, you can help her by getting some help for yourself.  But the bottom line is, she gets to make those decisions on if she wants to proceed and how she wants to proceed.
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thanks guys for your support.. i got her to a therapist.. she tells me she's feeling better now.. she has started smiling again.. i believe she's gonna be just fine..!!
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