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Police assault

Over the weekend I was being followed by someone who I assumed was an aggressive driver.  It turned out to be a police man.  He was insanely rude.  He began protocol, which I complied with until I began having a panic attack.  As a cutter, I'm ashamed to admit I resorted to slitting my wrists.  The cuts were superficial.  The officer asked me some questions and I answered until he laughed in my face and said that I was getting two tickets for arguing with him.  I called my therapist and he said I had to get out of the car or have him talk to my therapist.  I was very upset and said, please wait.  He got huffy and came around to the drivers side and ripped me out of the car.  He drug me along the interstate and threw me on the ground.  A fellow police man came up and they chucked me in the grass.  They laughed together and said I was being smart and faking.  It started to pour and I just layed on the road until EMTs came.  They were very nice to me.  I ended up going to the hospital for five hours just to take a pee test which didn't make any sense to me.  

A couple of years ago, I was raped while on vacation in Ocean City, NJ.  It was a traumatic event that had followed the incessant physical, emotional, and mental abuse from my foster father.  After this current incident, I don't know what to think.  I feel weak all around and just scared in general of authority.  I wrote down the event to the tee and took pictures of the bruises and cuts he caused me.  I called the state watchmen to explain what happened but he laughed at me, too, and hung up.  

How do I go about bringing justice to the situation?  If I was not responsible and they did not feel I did not comply, I will take the reprocutions in stride but I will not be subjected to abuse.  I don't know what to do ... I feel lost and defeated.  Please give me some words of advice.
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Wow, Iam so sorry you went through this. My husband works with the police department here in north carolina, but when he gets home I will let him read this and let you know what your rights are.

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Thank you for taking time out to read this.  I really appreciate the support.  I just don't know what to do with myself or where all of this will go.  I don't really have anyone to talk to.
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this is unfortunate try talking to a lawyer i live in the city of el paso texas and this happen to someone i know we called internal affairs they said to talk to the city to file a complaint but nothing was resolved we were told basically that there was nothing else we can do did you get any names of the officers? if not i am not sure what else can be done :)
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Plainly, you need to speak with a lawyer.  Cops are supposed to enforce laws, but not to be authorities on peoples rights.  No offense to kaile 1979... I'm sure her hubby is a good cop, but ones rights are the job of lawyers.  I have many friends within law enforcement, and some of the worst legal advice I ever received was from cops...
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first off i am so sorry that had to happen to you. not all actually most police officers are fine upstanding people but sometimes you get the occasional A**hole who gives them all a bad name i would say to contact the cheif of police in your city and file a formal complaint. good luck sweety and god bless hang in there
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