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I have been raped for several years. I was hypnotised and pimped out, raped against my will. I have no memory of any of it, but have felt the physical effects of it. It is not something I feel comfortable speaking to anyone about, nor medical professionals as they do not understand how vulnerable a hypnotised person is, or anything about hypnosis. I do not remember the people who did this to me, and I have extreme emotional post traumatic stress. I see people, and wonder if they have raped me. I have seen myself raped on someones cell phone video, I did not go to the police. There have been threats against me made by the "hood". I feel uncomfortable having sex with men, as they seem to view me as some kind of prostitute. I have a reputation that is beyond uncomprehendible. I have been programmed through hypnosis as some kind of dominatrix, etc. Men think it's okay to treat me a certain way, and it's due to this identity I was programmed with while hypnotised. Men have approached me and think that I am down for things I am not down for. I date men, wait for myself to trust them before I have sex with them. I do not have sex for money, etc. Also, I have been made to mess around with women, and "am going to rape myself". I was told that I was going to be made to rape myself. I myself have seen very little sexual activity except in movies, etc. I have heard the audio of me raped, but have yet to see it. I was unaware of any sexual positions, sex acts, sex types, sexual anything, until I was made to do it under hypnosis. I haven't even seen the sexy part of myself yet. Before I was pimped out, I did have a few boyfriends that I had a very sexy wonderful time with however, but nothing to the exttreme of danger, snuff films, forced sex, rape, bondage, homosexuality, trauma induced sex, trauma induced hypnosis, etc. I do not know what to do.

There is so much pressure on me. I have no sexual desire as every man has touched me it seems, can have me whenever he wants me apparently. Females make me sick to my stomach, they speak of the trauma that I endured while hypnotised, and willingly partake in it, and expect me to as well. If I reject them I am some kind of homosexual, and I they are not good enough for me, and then I am confronted with violence and intimidation- fear of being pimped out by them, etc. These women speak of traumatic sex that I do not remember, which was incurred by men, and now I am supposed to do it to them, or allow them to do it to me. Sex of that nature I have never heard of before in my entire life, until it happened to me as a victim.

The sex I had with past boyfriends I had in PRIVACY, no hidden camera, no nothing, love, trust, maybe not love, but trust. IF I do not partake in these acts that are forced upon me by these women than supposedly I am not a woman, I do not deserve beauty, I have no beauty. I am not alllowed to have beauty unless I have it to them, etc. I am programmed out of my opinion of myself it seems. I personally consider homosexuality one of the greatest forms of human trauma, almost to the point of beastiality, incest, sexual abuse, molest, etc.

I am a Christian, and only date Christian men. Until this trauma stops, the hood dies out, and my life begins anew, hopefully with no worth to females, which has become a very traumatic experience for me, I will not be okay. I relate to women about right and wrong, morals and values, ethics, etc. and these homosexual women make fun of me for it, like I am a GIRLY GIRL, too fem, etc. and they want to make me relate over sex and love and basically human trauma and ritual abuse they call normal, as non believers, and women that condone women pimped out, and homosexuals.

I have gone to the police, and they do not believe me. I feel like going to put myself under hypnosis, but I don't know if that will stand up in court. All of this began with a man I dated who sold drugs, when I had a meth problem. I am now a 22 year old woman, who is vaginally and anally impaired, with no memory of why, no money, no memory of the reputation she has, and a 4 year victim of ongoing ritual abuse that is now being handled, shuffled, and imposed upon me by women. Women who do not respect women with self respect, who dont believe in homosexuality, and are not hood. These women are VERY HOOD, and I am SO NOT. Leaving me with a pretty cut picture perfect cookie cutter so feminine and beautiful innocent life and nature, while hypnotised to be the exact opposite, and everything I stand against.

Has anyone ever been a victim of bondage, literally felt like a hostage? These perpetrators I do not meet personally, they speak in my ear with a device that I am unaware how it got there. I was passed along by this boyfriend to pretty much everyone, and months later found out I had been hypnotised and raped by everyone- all the while wondering why I was in so much vaginal and anal pain.

The police do NOTHING about sexual abuse crimes. Is there a state or county or organization or ANYTHING, for victims of traumatic abuse? I would like to know if there are any centers or hospitals outreach impatient programs for sufferers of abuse of this nature? ...........

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Google 'Rape centers and your area for information, good luck to you
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I read your story.  I just want to say that I am so sorry for what you have endured.  I grieve for you.  I am not able to relate super well to your experience.  I was sexually abused, but nothing compared to what you have been through.  This is not the way God intended your life to be!!  I see you wrote that you are a Christian.  I aim to follow Jesus with every fiber of my being as well.  There is hope in Jesus.  There is healing in Jesus.  He holds the answers and He can get you through this.  Just said a prayer for you!  Keep going, don't give up!  I hope you found an inpatient rape center and getting the help you need.  Much love to you in Jesus.
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I am so sorry about your experiance, I to was raped on a boat after being drugged, it truly is painful. After that I ended up working in a profoundly sexual industry. I understand completely. 12 years later I work in  Finance, have a sex councellor, to help me come to terms with the negative association with sex and an understandng boyfriend. However everyday is an uphill battle, I also was a churchy and found that the best way to overcome this is to"Go back to the old values". Maybe you could move.. start over. You may need councelling what you did was not your fault honey, be strong...
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hun the part where u said they planted sumtin in ur ear to tel u to do things how did they do that? did u say u dont see these people? soz bout this hun but i think u may have schizophrenia and its the voices in ur head that is tellin u to do these things! please go to the doctor and get help cuz u cnt keep abusing urself like that!x dnt mean to sound harsh and if u was raped did u go to the police if not go to them to!x sorry 4 everything u have gone thru and i hope u get the help u need. pls take care
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Can you plz contact me,i want help, im feeling the same thing...i want to stop feeling this way....Plz msg me,it's destroying my life...
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I just want to point out a few inconsistencies with this story, you said that you saw yourself raped on someone's cell phone video and then later say that you have only heard the audio and have not seen the video. You also said that you have not gone to the police and later say that you went to them and they did not believe you. You claim to be a good Christian who dates other good Christians and has limited contact to the world of sexuality but you later say that you were addicted to meth and dated a man who sold drugs, and most people with that lifestyle have been exposed to a wide world of sexuality. You say you are a woman but you are considered homosexual when turning down sexual advances from women. You say that you have no idea who did this to you but later say that it started when you dated a drug dealer insuating that he somehow instigated it. There are so many more things that I can point out but I feel like I have made my point.
It's obvious that this Woman is severely mentally ill. I'm retired from the medical field. And her post presents symptoms of Schizophrenia. She needs to be in a Inpatient hospital for Psychiatric disorders.
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You say that you have no idea who did this to you but later say that it started when you dated a drug dealer insinuating that he somehow instigated it.
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sometimes with ptsd its hard to really remember certain events and focus just on the trauma :)
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There may be some inconsistencies, but having a vague memory of incidents can be an effect of hypnosis, as well as PTSD. Your story has concerned me a lot, so much I created an account just to comment here. I'm so sorry. I really wish I could believe this isn't true, but I just don't know. Keep seeking help if you haven't solved this tragedy already.
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I really hesitate to believe this story. I think you need to go for help because this is a mental problem.
Exactly. This is a SEVERE mental illness.
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a DV shelter is a very good place to go if your a fleeing a situation like that. steve barns and associates of denton texas is a very good counselor place to go.
i was raped as a ten year old by my step brother who promised love if i let him do what he wanted.
that wasnt love and the way iit sounds like life is going for you, that isnt living. that is cowarding in fear to the world. please go to a DV shelter. leave behind the pain and hurt and old life of fear and create a new life from the ashes of your old one.
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You have been raped, "programmed", made to rape yourself(?) hon, if you have been through all that, they would be trading your worn-out *** in...you would not be desirable, no matter the age,
. I think you are someone who is living in some kind of a fantasy, whether it be imagined or real. How did you end up medhelp.org? And that, sweetie, is all the time I am willing to devote to your "story.„
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I understand what u r going through
I was raped by a friend last yr I didn't tell any for 5months until I started banging my head against the wall couldn't sleep slept on floor for 5 months and it was so bad I went to a mental health hospital I understand your pain
No one will understand us if they haven't gone through what we've experienced I mean I already had depression bipolar anxiety and it only made it worse I hope u can get help I feel like I know u u sound really strong and remember don't give up u got this
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