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Survived shooting 1 day ago... have to return to work

There was a fatal shooting at my work place the day before yesterday and the suspect is yet to be caught. Today my work place was closed while police continued gathering evidence but I have to go back to work tomorrow... it does not seem like there will be any trauma counselors on hand. I am very upset that I have to return so early with very little support and this is causing me great anxiety. The incident happened like I said just yesterday and I'm still having a very hard time coping (can't sleep, barely eating, jumpy...) Does anyone have tips or advice on how I can make it through the day tomorrow? Thank you... I would appreciate any comments.
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Sorry about what happened.  I just want to point a few things out to you regarding this post.

"It does not seem as if there will be any trauma counselors on hand."  That's an assumption, not a fact.  The fact is, you don't know and won't know until you get to work.  IF there is not a therapist on hand, you can seek counseling on your own.... you're not helpless.

It seems like the post is mostly negative.  Okay, there was a shooting and absolutely it can be a very traumatic experience.  (I've been shot at...not fun)  On the positive, you were not hit.  

"I'm still having a hard time coping...."  The incident just happened.  It's not like this is a month down the road.  You're talking a day or two.  

I wish you well.  I'd urge you too look deeper around the negative things in life and reap the positives waiting to be had.
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Thanks for commenting. To address your points...

You're right, it was an assumption I made *after* asking my manager if there would be counselors on hand, she said likely not. I know I didn't specify that in my post, didn't realize it was necessary... I didn't state it as a fact that there wouldn't be any either...  I just said "it does not seem" that way. Turned out I was unfortunately correct.

Of course my post was negative. I am not in a great head space right now. Yes, I know I am lucky to be alive and yes, I realize my situation could have been a lot worse. That in and of itself is cause for great shock. I don't think people come to post in a a mental health forum because they are feeling cheerful.

I am painfully aware of the fact that I am talking about a day or two since this happened. The reason I posted to begin with is my distress over having to return to work so *quickly* after what happened. I know time will heal, but I didn't have the luxury of taking a week off or a month off or whatever. I posted because I was looking for advise on how to cope with it while needing to return to work so suddenly.

Anyhow, I am sorry to hear you have been shot at in the past, that must have been very difficult for you. I hope you are now in a better place mentally.

Take care.

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if you are having problems try addressing this to your boss you may experience shock later and ask for time off :)
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You don't have to be defensive.  I am addressing the information you provided.  All I am saying is that you seem to be taking the negative look at everything when there are clear positives available within the same information you provided.

If you spent some time looking at those things, those realities, you can step further away from the negative things.

I also mentioned that you could seek grief counseling on your own.  Have you done so?  If not, why?

As for me being shot at, it was a product of where and when I grew up.  It was indeed traumatic... me or someone I knew could have been hit and or killed.  When I realized that my friends and I were okay, I was immediately thankful....  That is how I decided to look at it.
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I am so sorry. How incredibly frightening!  I can't begin to imagine how it feels to be in that kind of situation! Please know you are supported by those of us who have had trauma in our lives. I'm thinking about you tonight.
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You are on my mind. I was thinking about passing on to you that for me continuing to reassure myself that the event is over can be helpful.  Of course my mind and body are telling me I'm still in the middle of the trauma, but sometimes I can calm myself by saying, "It is over."  I'm not saying this makes it all okay, but deep breathing and self-soothing can help.
How are you? I hope you will not give up on this site.
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Honey I wish I did. I was robbed at gun point twice within 5 months and they expexted us to carry out business as soon as the police left. the first set have never been caught and 2 of the 4 from the last were released. I am in counsleing every week for PTSD and sever anxiety. I take my meds but they dont help alot. the only thing that I can say is try to keep that "HAPPY" moment with you at all times and if it gets to much walk away take a min to regroup. Good Luck my heart goes out to you
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Wow. That is frightening to just think about! Good that you are in counseling and on meds. I do both of those, too. It helps to unload weekly to a counselor, doesn't it? My meds do help, but I still 'trigger' easily.
My trauma isn't about burglary, but we have had a series of home invation burglaries in our area and the burgular was hiding in the woods  within a couple miles of our house recently. We were told he was dangerous. They had the canine unit looking for him for 6 hours, but didn't locate him. I'm sure he is long gone, but not knowing is unnerving.
Thinking of you.
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