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I survived an electrical trauma accident years ago, I had the ptsd under control until I lived through an abusive relationship, I walked away over 3 years ago, but the "x" has put me through a lot to this day, I find myself reliving every bad thing that has happened to me, I am losing sense of who I am, I need support from someone who knows, I have tried to seek help but having a hard time without people seeing me as nuts. I am not nuts, I am lost!
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i understand that feeling of no one understanding what i went through believe me you are not alone i was nearly killed in combat i suffered head injuries stabbed shot in the shoulder and my hand was runned over by a truck and other injuries i started to get flashbacks & nightmares  i became suicidal and seven failed attempts i realized much later that god has a plan for me
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Of course you are not nuts ...I went through several months of PTSD and came out of it, at my worst I have major panic attacks ..I know my over thinking was making me feel bad ...try to switch off each time those negative thoughts stick in your head ..
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I found that I too thought that my PTSD was under control until a stressful incident would happen and then everything I had thought I worked through
came crashing back and even worse.

I believe that PTSD is a disorder that does not go away, it patiently waits to remind you what you should be working on in your recovery....

My best wishes to you

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