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if I do go to a doctor want does anyone think they may have me take for PTSD, GAD and Disrythmic disorder or long term depression I have ideas just wondering what seems to be what they are doing these days I have had this for a very long time and have been given many anti depressents that usually made me sick is there new medicine now please help
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i take zoloft for PTSD and schizophrenia
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There are always new anti-depressents coming out. There are several differnet classes of anti-depressents, and it could be that you've only been prescribed medications in certain classes and need to switch. For instance, for some people SSRI's don't work, so they have to go to the SNRI's. The problem with newer anti-depressents is they are often not covered by insuances and can be quite ppricy. Have you tried combos of meds before? Such as a mood stabilizer and a milder dose of an anti-depressent? Buspar is a common medication used fdor GAD, it is not a benzodizepine, so generally addiction free. and is similar to an anti-depressant in that you have to take it for several weeks to see effects. Usually different psychiatrsits have there own different medications that they start patients off on or their own  medications that they "like" and tend to stick with. It all depends on the psychiatrist, and if it's been 10 years for you, a new psychiatrist may offer a different perspective. My suggestion is to go in their with honesty, opend-mindedness, and willingness, but definielty be strong in stating what has not worked for you in the past. Remember, you are your own advocate. Good luck, best wishes, and keep us posted!

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My suggestion is take a list of the medications that you have taken in the past to your new psychiatrist. They can then tell what classes of medications these medications fit into. I am only twenty four but I have already tried a whole slew of medications and like you some made me sick, some more suicidal etc. Medications can vary greatly even amongst the same drug classification. I will say though,that for me anyway, which may of course be different for you, most of the medications I have tried were ssri's. I am now taking a SSNRI called Wellbutrin XL and it seems to work a lot better than the others. Remember though that it can take several weeks for the drugs effects to kick in. For me however, Wellbutrin XL was the fastest to kick in but a word of caution. for me anyway I have to be really careful to not miss doses because even if I go just two days without the medication it can really make me out of whack. Also think about trying extended release versions of some of the drugs out there instead of the regular versions sometimes those work better for people as well. One last thing, stand up for yourself and believe your gut instinct when talking with your new psychiatrists. Some of them out there just like to prescribe a lot of different medications all at once...maybe for kick backs? It has happened to me. I had one doctor prescribe me at least 7 different medications and I just have PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder. Needless to say that I didn't need all these medications as I am doing fine with my new psychiatrist only prescribing me the Wellbutrin XL which I get the generic for. Just try and be patient...look who's talking I know, but sometimes it just take a lot of trial and error to get the right fit we are all unique and so are medications.
Take care
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