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prazosin dosage

I have combat related PTSD. The VA placed me on Prazosin for night terrors and flashbacks. I am on 3 mg with no relief. If you have taken this medicine at what dose did you see symptom relief or if you didnt how high did your dosage reach?
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I have PTSD from combat I have been taking prazosin for six years now I started on 1 mg. and now I taking 2mg. this stuff works I now have weird dreams hope this helps :)
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I took this for a few night a few years ago when the VA first came out with their research about it.  I did not notice any difference in nightmares.  I have seen in recent studies that it can take as long as six months for some people to see any difference.  I have asked to try it again and have it.  But, I haven't tried it again yet.  I am taking Xanax and I don't recommend it.  But, once they give it to you, it works for a few years...until you need more and then they act like they didn't give it to you and don't want you to take more and you get terrified about how you can withdraw from it.  I hate medicine.  All of it.  And just like everyone here, I never thought I would be in such a nightmare.  PTSD is the worst thing I have ever had and I have been sick since I was a child with a lot of things.  I will say that you may want to try something else if this isn't working for you.  There are beta blocking blood pressure medications that work for some people...and no tolerance like with Xanax.  Talk to your doctor(s).
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Welcome tedium...I see you are a new member here.  I don't know anything about Xanax, I have not been on any medications for my PTSD or my physical issues I have.  I do run across many articles that speak about the negative effects of Xanax  but have not read them.  If you do want to get off of the Xanax you will need to talk to your doctor about how to withdraw from that particular drug.  Good luck to you

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