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ptsd from my brother

When was 6 years old and my one brother sexual harassed me. That made shy around men. My other brother threatened and tried to kill me when I was 11 just 3 years ago. Now I'm afraid of every male even my father. Does any one know coping skills to deal with this.
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I understand some of what you are going through. I was molested over 100 times when I was 6, then I had a stalker at 12, just 4 years ago.

For me the best thing has been talking about it with people I trust, because the more I talk about it the more it rewires my brain. I've been working on rewiring it to make me think logically during the flashbacks with my therapist. Maybe you can do that too.
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I think that flashbacks are not treatable :)
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I was raped for years. I go through the same. It's normal. And it's ok to have boundaries. If you want to build relationships with males start slowly. For example if you want to spend time with your dad, have others around. Hang out in a public place. And be open. It's ok to tell him how you feel.
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