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How can I get over sexual assault from a boyfriend?

**Warning: sexual assault**
I think I have been sexually assaulted by my boyfriend. A week ago, he dry-humped me naked, but I was wearing my underwear and cotton pants on. It was a first, I wasn't enjoying it at all, i was trying my best to prevent him from undressing me or entering his hands/ other organ under my pants. I went home with some bruises. I was terrified to my core that he would have ejaculated or produced any fluids on my clothes without my notice for not getting pregnant. Ever since that day, i keep sending drs online asking if this can make me pregnant, i feel cramps everyday, I'm too silent, bad eating habits, too afraid to even touch myself down there or look at the clothes/underwear i was wearing that day. Daily anxious and crying when recalling with great fear of letting my family or friends know. Please help me how to overcome that??
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