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I hope you all are doing well. I have been thru alot since my car accidnet and then lost my mom. I just had surgery on my knee 2 weeks ago it was really messed up with bone and tissue floating around and the dr went in and cleaned it all up but I still have alot of bruising on my knee cap and the cyst on the back on the knee and trying like crazy not to get another blood clot. Dr don't want me on my leg much but if I don't then I will get a blood clot. He wants me to sit around all day and I can't do that. He says I may never be back to normal that I may never work again because of this car accidnet. Anyway he says I have Complex regional pain syndrome, I have read alittle on it. He says I have been babying my knee since the wreck that now my body is doing it and I feel more pain. He is setting me up with another dr to see what can be done about it. Does anyone know about Complex regional pain syndrome?
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Jamie, I'm so sorry to know of all the complications that your car accident has caused to your body!!  You've been through so much this past year.  I know that a year ago you never would have believed all that has happened to you would happen!!  No on e would have believed it. :(

I haven't been on FB to type much, as you know, but have been reading an saw your posts about your surgery and your leg and all of the problems that you were having.  I'm sorry that I wasn't responding in depth on there but I have been saving my back and my energy for MH.

Cysts are terrible and they just keep "popping up" wherever and whenever they want to.  It doesn't matter that they have been in that particular place before they are more than happy to "pop up" again in the very same place again and again!  :(

Have you been able to get any type of pain relief from any of your Doctor's for your knee?  I can't begin to imagine the pain that you are feeling after your surgery and now the cyst again on top of all of this other stuff!  

How has your work handled your knee and all of the complications?  Have they been giving you ANY type of support or have they been ignoring you?  Hopefully, they have stood behind you!! :)

Just know that we are here for you and will give you the support and help that you deserve and need!!

Sending you Good Thoughts, Prayers and ((((HUGS)))).............Mama Sherry  :)

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Hi Jamlws,

It's good to hear from you... and you have been missed. So sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. I lost my dad just a year ago and I know the pain that comes from losing a beloved parent.... and that that precious gift of unconditional love.  My heart goes out to you!

Yes I have heard a lot about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It use to be called RSD and most ppl are more familiar with that term. I was once incorrectly diagnosed with it.
RSD or CRPS is thought to result from damage to the nervous system which includes the nerves that control the blood vessels and sweat glands.

The theory is that the damaged nerves can no longer effectively control blood flow or sensations. For example these nerves signal pain to the brain when there shouldn't be any pain.  It also plays a part of controlling the temperature to the affected area.

The treatment can be as complex as the often very painful condition. Just like any pain management it's all trial and error to see what works best for you. There is a lot of information on the Internet regarding the condition and treatment. Don't be discouraged. It can be frustrating finding the best pain management regime.

A MVA finally ended my career too. I'd still be in the corporate field, earning a good income and enjoying the challenges. I know how very difficult that can be to accept that that part of your life may be over.  Remember you have friends here... we get it.

I hope you'll be more active on the forum, we'll look forward to hearing from you soon. And of course I wish you well in your search for an effective treatment.

Take Care,

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Thank you Tuck and Sherry.
I have been dealing with this by myself mostly. I am going to call my PCP today cause I need to start PT and no way I can with all the pain I am in. I am doing the best that I can. Some days are worse then others. I try to avoid everything that hurts me more. Dr told me to not do anything and gets upset with me cause I want to be better now and he said it is going to take 6 months to a year just for the surgery pain to get better. I have been doing everything I can to avoid blood clots I had to take the blood thinner shots for a week after my surgery. I asked him when I can go back to work and he looked at me like i was stupid and said there is no way we are even close to talking about that right now, I don't know if you even can work again.. great. Im also going thru a divorce and don't even have a place to call home. right now I am focused on getting better and my kids that is all that matters.
Work has been great they want me to get better but  I can only be off for so long and then I will lose my job. I did get a lawyer for the car accident she told me to get better and she will work on the other stuff. I can't fight insurance companies on my own. This car accident has changed my life, all because some guy wasn't watching was he was doing and stopped in the middle of my lane and I T boned him. I wish he could take my pain for a week.
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