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Abscess question/experience

I was in an accident in 2011 and had to have a total disc replacement c5-6 then pelvic recon. and SI IFUSE done for asymmetry and degenerative SI secondary to horse accident, AS and psoriatic arthritis.  I have had C diff 4 times in my life...yes 4 times!!!!  First from antibiotics then recurrence months after it was "cured".  The last infection happened for not reason out of nowhere a year after the last.  I had anal cancer stage 0 in 2006.  I am a mess!  I was what I considered healthy.  I worked in healthcare from the age of 19 on to the year 2011.  I started as a Medical Assistant, finished RN school then worked ER.  I ran everyday..super active person with two kids a husband....the life.  I had shingles on my face in 2007.  I had ANOTHER shingles outbreak this year in January.  
My IFUSE SI bone and pelvic surgery was 3-12-2014.  I have had chronic severe pain from the neck surgery, inflammatory arthritis and am STILL experiencing severe tailbone and SI pain despite the surgery that promised I would be pain free.  UGh!   Desperate is what I am.  
About a week and a half ago I hit my opposite hip on our counter corner....not the surgical side.  It bruised up pretty good and felt like a golf ball was under my skin.  It slowly spread out and became red, hot and PAINFUL.  Being an RN, I thought...no biggie, cellulitis.  Well within 2 days, fever chills and the redness began to spread.  The ER did blood cultures, negative and bloodwork, slightly elevated WBC.  They didn't think it was an abscess but did an Ultrasound and found that it was 4cm deep at the center.  The Ultrasound was pretty painful but I declined pain meds so I tolerated it.  The doc then decided to do an I and D.  PAINFUL!!!!!  I ended up taking the morphine. He treated it with antibiotics in house then oral to take home.  He said because of my surgical history, recent antibiotic therapy from surgery and work in one of the most MRSA infested hospitals and communities around, being in healthcare most of my life....it most likely was MRSA.  I followed up with a new Primary Internal Med doc for wound check.  He removed the packing which was burning pain like I couldn't believe.  I have had a hemmoroidectomy, sutures after having my first child faceup, shingles on my face and all of my ortho surgeries....this was INTENSE!!!!  I had always heard, abscesses do not hurt once drained and the patients don't feel pain when repacking, removing packing.  He sent his "assisstant" in to repack.  I was in a cold sweat.  I couldn't form a sentence if I tried.  Later I wish I would have asked if she was an RN because wound care like this in our state requires an LPN or RN trained in wound care...Medical Assistants should NEVER be allowed to do this...but whatever. She brought two bottles of packing gauze and started poking it in.  I thought I would be hanging from the roof.  I can tolerate a LOT of pain and grit through it.  THIS WAS UNREAL!!!!   I kept asking, "why is this hurting like this?"  No answer from either.  She kept poking and it became so intense I asked her to stop for a second.  She became really annoyed and with a snotty voice said, I HAVE to get this done.  I said, I know...just give me a second please this really hurts.  She started again and it was all I could do to not grab her hand.  She was less than pleasant. It irritated me because I am an RN, I have been a Medical assistant too.  I am sick and tired of the medical system these days and how they treat people.  Has anyone else had an abscess and subsequent wound care like this and did it hurt this bad.  I get that pressure sores are not as painful if at all to care for because of the dead tissue but this was unreal.  I have passed kidney stones, I am NO stranger to pain at all.  The ER doc even complimented me on my ability to tolerate what he did without freaking out on him.  I have had patients in the ER myself with abscesses from just about everything and some people do literally freak out.  I am now curious though if anyone else has experienced anything like this?   I was irritated with the "assistant" and next time If it is this painful again...I will ask her if she has ever had one...and what her credentials are because she was VERY condescending. I did not make it known I was a nurse but it was in my chart.  The doc was nice enough but she was NOT.  He wanted her to squirt some lido in it to help but once he was gone she said, I don't do lidocaine with these it just wastes time and this isn't that painful because it is quick.  I was in tears, sweating and shaking.  NOT like me. My husband was shocked as well because he has seen me endure a lot by just breathing through it. I don't know where to post this question so I am taking a shot in the dark here.  I am worried about how easily I get infections too.  The doctors always say, "your too young and your labs for everything are pretty normal" With exception to the degenerative "stuff".  Thanks for any advice/comments/input.
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