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After surgery medication

I am 4wks recovery from PLIF,( had previous L4,5 fusion in 2006)

So I had 2 deaths in my family last wk so I had to go services. Of course I had huge flare up of pain. Omg pain. Called surgeons office , all I wanted was to ask if ok to take 2) 5mg norco every 4hrs instead of script he gave me 5mg norco 6hrs. I had just finished the oxy he sent me home with that was only 1 every 12. The RN didn't let me finish he thought I wanted more meds or oxy or something.

He was quick to say oh you need go to a pain doc for meds. Dr. doesn't give out narcotics after surgeries that occured months ago. I said can you wait please you have me mixed up I am only 3wks out. He said of course double meds. and then back down if pain flare stops. Now that prescription date to run out is July 5.
I called my pain doc and they got me in for this Friday which I am just going to make it with meds. If I skip few.
She did tell me if I still had pain after surgery which I will she said come back in.
The surgeon before surgery said no problem I shall make sure you have meds for at the least 6wk, Which he wasn't even going to give me at 2wks check but my husband spoke up and said she is still in a lot of pain. I didn't read the script I figured was same as hospital.
So when my pain doc gives me written script for norco will my pharmacy fill it because I file they have the current med good till July 5.
What can I tell pharmacy if they won't fill it? Should I have pain doc call them or surgeons nurse as he ok for me to dbl it ?
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Hi Watergirl,

Welcome. I'm glad you found us and took the time to post. I'm sorry to read about your chronic pain and surgery. Hopefully the surgery will reduce some of your pain.

I've read your question twice, I think I understand it. If not please correct me.

If I were in your situation I'd have the surgeon's office verify that they told you to increase the opiates hence your count is different. Let's hope the surgeon remembers your call and his instructions.

Obviously your PMP can't verify what the surgeon instructed you to do. Will you just be prescribed opiates from your PMP going forward? That's normally how they prefer to handle it.

Other members may offer different suggestions.

I hope you'll heal quickly and be experiencing less pain soon. I'm sorry to hear that you lost two family members. That's tough and sad.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. I'll look forward to hearing from you again - and certainly learning how this situation turns out.

Good Luck and Take Care,
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Let's say your previous script was Norco 5mg, sig: "take one tablet q 4-6 hours for pain", and your new script reads the same, no they will not fill.

But, if your doctor writes for a different strength or dose, for instance, Norco 5mg, sig: "take 1-2 tablet q 4-6 hours for pain" or if he writes for a different medication, then the pharmacy should fill.

Explain this to your doc.

Make sure you point that out different medication or different instructions the pharmacist if they refuse to fill.

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