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Alcohol and Hydrocodone

Hi there! I have a very bad migraine which I get often and I have hydrocodone prescribed. I went out last night and drank alcohol, though (I had quite a few drinks!). I finished my last drink around 11:30pm last night and it is currently 4:30 pm right now. Is it safe for me to take a vicoprofen (5-7.5mg hydrocodone 200-325 mg ibuprofen) after this event. It has not yet been 24 hours, but I have eaten a substantial meal today as well as 2 snacks and have been drinking water. Please, only people who know for sure! I don't want to risk internal bleeding! Thanks all and blessings! -Angie
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Hi goldengirl,

In most cases it's perfectly safe to take your medication at that time. I don't know your medical status is and why you're prescribed the Vicodin..so if you have these questions, your Doctor...not a pharmacist is the one to ask.

Be safe,
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I want to add that Nsaid's or Ibuprofen can also be harmful to the liver. I'm not sure why this is not widely known. I actually have more trouble with Ibuprofen than I do with Tylenol. I had asked my Doctor about it and he told me that Ibuprofen was just as harmful in large doses.

With you having an occasional drink and you taking the prescribed medication, I would not worry about your intake of Tylenol or Ibuprofen. It can be a concern if you take these drugs on a regular basis or long term. Most Doctor will not prescribe the medication with those additives. I was on pain meds long term and was prescribed Oxycodone without tylenol or Ibuprofen. I no longer take these as I'm better but be careful if you are taking them long term.

If by chance you are on them long term, ask your Doctor for a pain med without the additives.

Hope this helps,
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Hi there! Thank you so much for your input, yes the medication I will be taking has NO acetaminophen in it. Trust me, I know what that does to your liver! Thanks again! -Angie
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I'd call the pharmacist and ask, just to be safe.  There are meds with no acetominaphen in it, so if you like to have a few drinks at times, you may want to try one of those meds.
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