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Am I getting discharged from my PM clinic?

I have been going to the same PM clinic for 12 years.I suffer from neuropathic foot and leg pain and back pain. I went in to the clinic for my monthly visit to get my 2 prescriptions, one for oxycodone and the other for pregabalin.
I sensed something was amiss because I was seeing someone new after seeing the same specialist for a year. We started conversing and she was taking a very adversarial position towards me. she then told me that hydrocodone showed up in my urine sample which was not prescribed. I told her I was in the hospital for 3 days and they had given me norco for extreme pain I was suffering from . she got very ugly with me and said I violated my contract and tapered my 30 day prescription for the oxycodone to 2 weeks and said for me to return in 2 weeks. Should I be expecting a certifed letter in the mail discharging me or am I overreacting? I can't believe they would discharge me over something I had no control over
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Thank you for your reply. I will argue my case based on your response.
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Good luck- hope that will help you resolve the situation.
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Did you notify the PM’s office that you were hospitalized and ask the hospital to contact your PM doctor first for their permission to give your norco?
Did you bring the proof of your hospitalization to your PM or notify them yourself of your admission ?
Typically- before ANY opiate (scheduled medications) can be taken by a PM patient- the patient is required to notify the PM doctor themselves immediately that they are hospitalized or given a prescription for a controlled substance and obtain permission before filling /taking any opiate . Same with dental work. They also are usually required to bring the discharge summary to the office for the PM to include in their records.
Failing to do so can and does often result in dismissal.
If I were you- I would bring the discharge summary to the next appt - it should show the date of your hospitalization, meds given to you and may help resolve the situation.
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